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Zio Censorship & Intimidation SOP

Zio Censorship & Intimidation SOP

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Tutu's Speech FYI      Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tutu's Speech

Here is a transcript of Tutu's 2002 speech that put pro-Israeli pants in a collective twist. The University of St. Thomas cited it as the reason for giving Tutu the bum's rush. They claim that he "compared the state of Israel to Hitler." I don't think he said that at all. Judge for yourself.

Thanks to Alternet for the text and Jewish Voice for Peace for the context.
Desmond Tutu Labeled Anti-Semite, Banned from Speaking
Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. He is respected by people all over the world, but not in St. Paul, Minnesota. Tutu was invited to speak by the University of St. Thomas' Justice and Peace Studies program. When the local Jewish Community Relations Council objected, he was disinvited.

Tutu has quite rightly equated Israel's occupation of Palestine with South African apartheid. Now he is being punished. The Zionist Organization of America has pressured colleges to make Tutu persona non grata on their campuses.

Please write to the university president, Fr. Dennis Dease, and the Executive Director of the local JCRC, Steve Hunegs, and tell them how you feel about censorship of critics of Israel.
Hat tip to Norman Finkelstein for this news.
Wish I'd Said That
"As a Jew who experienced real anti-Semitism as a child, I'm deeply disturbed that a man like Tutu could be labeled anti-Semitic and silenced like this. I deeply resent the Israeli lobby trying to silence any criticism of its policy. It does a great disservice to Israel and to all Jews."
Marv Davidov, University of St. Thomas (Minnesota)

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