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Diebold Leaks '08 Election Results [NOT comedy Video]

It wouldn't be so funny ...5:20 AM
...if it weren't so true.

Max Headroom redevivus by: halrivers on Feb 28, 2008
I believe there was a line in the seminal Max Headroom TV show (15 minutes into the future) where a political candidate exclaimed, "They can't do that! We negotiated the results of that election 6 months ago!"
Now, back to sleep <w/ that breakthrough- Cure for awakeness>

Diebold Uber Alles by: LeftCoastProgressive on Feb 28, 2008
Diebold's new motto: ELECTIONS ARE US. The cutting edge Sham Vote Counter software Diebold has been working on should get them into the ground floor action first. Diebold has had to add a complete wing to their headquarters to accomodate the new Sham Vote Counter software development. They have a large request for graphics and software engineers. Foreign business is up since the devaluation of the dollar.
The new and burgeoning Department of Faked Asassinations is ready to accomodate VPs and Presidents who want to disappear themselves to avoid World Court lawsuits over genocide and pillaging. It's a promising new area of business!

The Simulacra by: andrewstromotich on Feb 28, 2008
in the brilliant Philip K Dick novel, THE SIMULACRA, america is seen in 2050, 50 years after the end of democracy.
In the year 2000, the president was replaced by a android built by a corporation, and television has become a state sponsored pastime.
everyone knows that the president is not real, but they continue to vote anyways, which creates a collective psychosis (tell a big enough lie long enough and it becomes the basis of a new very unstable truth)...the guise is finally shed (the emperor has no clothes!), as a rival corporation goes to war with the one that owns the president simbot. The military sides with one corp, the police with the other, and a civil war breaks out, with the result of america perishing in in nuclear holocaust.
he wrote that in 1968

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