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McTheology [Better Than Most]

Yeshua - The Story of Jesus [or Not]
Yeshua - The Story of Jesus: "And finally, in this very brief introductory course into the nature of the Universe, I tell you truly, there is a Source of all that exists. Call it God. The Father/Mother. Universal Mind. Consciousness. It exists. It created all of this. It creates still. That is what It does. It is as impersonal as the heat from a star. It is as personal as your dearest friend and most intimate lover. All that you are, God is. But you are not yet all that God is. A paradox, yes, but a beautiful one to solve. That, my friends, is the journey we are all on." [now, the story top: ]
Yeshua - The Story of Jesus
I came across this channelled story at a newsgroup in late November 2004 and found it very interesting and stimulating.
Checking the newsgroup every day for another installment was like going on a treasure hunt. Then when the 9th part was posted there was a short notice about the author and channeller.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: We are all, truly, one. And the simple fact is that I exist as a person, and as a writer, and as a channel because of the countless contributions of others. And so I would like to offer a word of thanks to, acknowledgement of -- and also recommend -- those authors and books before me over the years that added to anything of value I may have written and received here: The books of Paul Ferrini. The books of Alice Bailey. The mystic school of Astara. Tobias and Crimson Circle. The Kabbalah. The Kyballian by the Yogi Society. "The Urantia Book". "The Impersonal Life" by Joseph Benner. "Mystic Christianity" by Yogi Ramacharaka. Kryon. �The Magian Gospel Of Brother Yeshua� by Carol Magus. "The New Testament". "Conversations With God" by Neale Donald Walsch. "Darwin�s Black Box" by Michael J. Behe. "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot. "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ" by Levi. "The Way of the Essenes" by Anne Meurois-Givaudan. The White Eagle books by Grace Cooke�and many, many others. And a very special thanks to all my friends and guardians and guides and angels on this, and the other side, of the veil. And, of course, dear Yeshua, thank you.

Yeshua - Part 1
Welcome. That you for being present to receive me. For And perhaps you are expecting a fraud? I�d be cautious as well, if I were you. But when all is said and done, there is only one barometer of truth and that resides in the human heart. Place what you read here, there.
That is why I am here, to speak to your hearts. It is why you are reading this and not somewhere else. Of all the choices you could have made this day, the fact that you chose to be here is simply because you are supposed to be here. One of the ideas I hope to extend to you is the possibility that there are no accidents in this Universe. The Universe is not unlike an extraordinarily elaborate house of cards, remove one and it all collapses. Remember the table of the elements on the wall of every high school chemistry class? Has it ever occurred to any one of you how seemingly unbelievable that chart is? Take the atomic structure of hydrogen. Remove one atom and the structure crumbles. Remove one atom from hydrogen and the sun stops shining. Take one atom out of H20, and there are no oceans. There are no tears. Yet every element is up there, on that chart, in perfect balance to allow for life on this planet. Just ask a statistician what the odds are of all those seemingly random photons and electrons coming together to create this planet, you and me. And if there is intelligence behind something so small, do you think it less likely there is an intelligence active in your life?
So, what of Darwin and evolution? He got it right, and yes, evolution exists. At the biological level. Not at the bimolecular/chemical level. The molecular make-up of the tiniest, microscopic �hairs� which make up the flagellum which allows an individual cell to move about requires chains of multiple chemical and electrical compounds which must come into existence at the same moment or the entire structure falls apart. It�s the analogy of the three-legged stool; remove one leg and the stool collapses. These extraordinarily complex systems could not have randomly evolved from primordial pond muck suddenly struck by lightening.
In any case, you are here with me and I am grateful. But why not a temple or church or mountaintop? Why not the Vatican? The Holy Mount? Frankly, there are not many places that would have me, not like this, not as I truly am, not unlike you. As they have for centuries, they like the idea of me, just not the reality -- And I say that without rancor. Each has served its purpose in the Grand Scheme Of Things. And truth be told, reading some of the words I am supposed to have said and practices I am supposed to have endorsed, I would not want to spend much time with me either.
All creation is a stage, and upon this stage of creation called Earth, one of the most exquisite pageants, one of the most delightful, one of the most difficult and challenging and profound dramas -- and ofttimes, comedies -- in all of creation is being enacted.
I�m here to try and help guide you through some of the plots and subplots of this drama. And during this journey, I will try to shed some light on my life, so that in turn, we might shed some light on your lives. I�ll hope to remind us of who we truly are, where we came from, and where we are going.
I also hope to speak of more now than I was able to then. Then, I had to use parables suitable for the time. You now have an additional 2,000 years of information and experience which I can draw upon.
And finally, I may, perhaps, anger some of you. That will be a regret on my part. There�s already enough divisiveness over my life and my death.
So, is what I shall offer you here the truth? Yes. Is it your truth? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Whatever helps you through the murky waters towards Love, is your truth. And that�s as it should be. Like the Universe, truth evolves on a spiral, and just when you think you�re back where you started, you realize you�ve progressed to a higher state. And my friends, the Universe is large enough to embrace a multitude of truths. The choices are yours.
Before we get started on my life. How about a brief introduction to a course I�ll call �Universe 101?�
I trust by now that most of you understand that the Source Of All That Is is not an old, Caucasian male sitting on a throne. Nor, in truth, is the Source female. The Source is both, is neither. From the Source comes the two. Comes the polarity. The duality. The male and the female. The dark and the light. Matter and anti-matter.
You are not what you think you are. You are atoms and molecules and electrons combined to form flesh and bones and blood. Within that you are quarks and sub-particles of energy vibrating at immense speeds. Within that you are Light divided as color and slowed into sound. Within that you are thought. Divine Thought. The Creator contemplating Itself.
Rub your hands together vigorously. And shake them out vigorously. Then rub them together again. And if you place your two palms opposite each other about six inches, then close your eyes and move one palm in slow circular motions, you will soon feel energy moving against the opposite palm. What you are feeling is your energy body. Some call it the etheric body. Beyond that is your emotional body, then your mental body, and then your spiritual body, each a duplicate of the other, each vibrating at ever higher and higher frequencies. We are not unlike the wooden Russian dolls, one body inside of another, on and on. And if you are just atoms and electrons swirling about, ask yourself why it is that you hold a form at all? Why are you not just a billowing mass of moving energy? You are, quite literally, light slowed down until it coalesces into matter, held in the form you recognize as yourself by thought, by a Divine Blueprint, if you will, that already exists in the Mind Of God. And it is perfect.
There is a scientific theory which is a correct statement of how the Universe works. It is called non-locality. And it says that there is no such thing as distance. That thought is transmitted and received instantaneously, and that it is sent and received by everything everywhere, all at the same time. Think a thought and it has reached the end of the Universe and returned to you in the same instant. Why do I tell this to you? Because it is the scientific truth behind the spiritual truth that each of you are your brother�s and your sister�s keeper. Your thoughts and your actions effect the whole of creation. My sisters and brothers, you are truly all one. You are not separate from each other as you believe.
And just so you know: You are not separate from all life that exists in the physical and spiritual Universe. I say this to you with the matter-of-factness that belies its truth: The Universe is teaming with life. It is a vast ocean filled with intelligent life, and yes, it visits here quite often. And yes, that contact is coming, and quite soon.
Everything in the universe is conscious, in one way or another, to one degree or another. Animals have intelligence and emotions. They love and desire to be loved. Plants feel pain and understand joy. They ache to be acknowledged and heard. The mineral kingdom is very much aware of its place in the universe. Even the chair you sit on has awareness flowing through it. Did I not say, �In my Father�s House are many mansions?�
And finally, in this very brief introductory course into the nature of the Universe, I tell you truly, there is a Source of all that exists. Call it God. The Father/Mother. Universal Mind. Consciousness. It exists. It created all of this. It creates still. That is what It does. It is as impersonal as the heat from a star. It is as personal as your dearest friend and most intimate lover. All that you are, God is. But you are not yet all that God is. A paradox, yes, but a beautiful one to solve. That, my friends, is the journey we are all on.

Hey wait a bleeming [meme'ing] minute!, what is the answer? 42! Okay... [old google +nerd joke]

The BAC All Worship [Rapture/Not Jesus] JimJones

Deadly BACs All Worship JimJones? No its bleemin' memes
first a word from your sponsor, that rock upstairs...
"Remember Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple incident? Jones started out in his youth infected with a fairly standard version of fundamentalist Christianity. Later this belief was replaced with--or mutated into--as strange a mix of socialism, Maoist communism, and personal lunacy as you are likely to find. Jones first promoted his new beliefs from within the organized outer shell of his previous one. He moved those he had infected from Indianapolis to Oakland, and than to an isolated patch of jungle. Jones and his group kept cycling ideas between the leader and his followers. There was little correction from reality, and, like a wild rumor, the memes got weirder at every cycle. Eventually, these beliefs (more accurately the mental structures built or programmed by these memes within the minds of Jones and his followers) reached the point where they had so much influence over them that their personal survival became an insignificant influence.The mass suicide was an unusual (and thus newsworthy) episode. But history records a number of similar incidents, with similar memetic origins. The Children's Crusades of the Middle Ages and the mass starvation in the 1850's of the Xhosa in South Africa are typical examples. Mass suicide episodes do not seem rational from either a memetic or genetic viewpoint. But they make sense as a consequence of human susceptibility to beliefs that happen to have fatal outcomes. They are close analogs of diseases that overkill their victims--like Dutch elm disease. "
==================oops, couln't resist////////////
Some mental agents are "wired in". The most obvious ones pull ourhands back from hot things. Others are not so obvious, but one which hasconsiderable study is often called "the inference engine." Split brainresearch has established it to be physically located in the left brain ofmost people, close to or overlapping the speech area. This module seemsto be the source of inferences that organize the world into a consistentwhole. The same hardware seems to judge externally presented memes forplausibility. This piece of mental hardware is, at the same time, thewellspring of advances, and the source of vast error. ----- *The newmodels even offer an explanation for that difficult problem, the originof consciousness. Each agent is too simple to be conscious, butconsciousness incidentally emerges as a property of the interconnectionsof these agents. In Society of Mind, Marvin Minsky uses the analogy thatconsciousness emerges from non-conscious elements just as the property ofconfinement emerges from six properly arranged boards, none of which (byitself) has any property of confinement. (And you thought Ids and Egoswere complicated.) Being able to infer, that is to find new relations in the way theworld is organized, and being able to learn inferences from others mustrank among our most useful abilities. Unfortunately, outputs of thispiece of mental hardware are all too often of National Enquirer quality. Unless reined in by hard-to-learn mental skills, this part of our mindscan lead us into disaster. Experiments detailing the kinds of seriouserrors this mental module makes can be found in Human Inference byNesbitt and Ross and in The Social Brain by Michael Gazzaniga. //Gazzaniga demonstrated the activity of the inference engine module withsome very clever experiments on split brain patients. By the modulefailing, we can clearly see how it is doing the best it can withinsufficient data. What Gazzaniga did is to present each side of the brain with a simpleconceptual problem. The left side saw a picture of a claw, and the rightside saw a picture of a snow scene. A variety of cards was place infront of the patient who was asked to pick the card which went with whathe saw. The correct answer for the left hemisphere was a picture of achicken. For the right half-brain it was a show shovel. "After the two pictures are flashed to each half-brain, the subjects are required to point to the answers. A typical response is that of P.S., who pointed to the chicken with his right hand and the shovel with the left. After his response I asked him 'Paul, why did you do that?' Paul looked up and without a moment's hesitation said from his left hemisphere, 'Oh, that's easy. The chicken claw goes with the chicken and you need a shovel to clean out the chicken shed.' "Here was the left half-brain having to explain why the left hand was pointing to a shovel when the only picture it saw was a claw. The left brain is not privy to what the right brain saw because of the brain's disconnection. Yet the patents's own body was doing something. Why was it doing that? Why was the left hand pointing to the shovel? The left-brain's cognitive system needed a theory and instantly supplied one that made sense given the information it had on this particular task . . . ." The inference engine was a milestone in our evolution. It works farmore often than it fails. But as you can see from the example, theinference engines will wring blood from a stone; you can count on itsfinding causal relations whether they exist or not. Worse yet, theinference engine probably can't detect when it doesn't have enough data. Even if it could, it has no way to tell that to the verbal (conscious)self.// end // too boring, 20+ years old; skipped for some future temple cornerstone or rubbish
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When brainstorming, don't give in to limited thinkingWhen we are trying to dream up ideas for a particular problem, we have a tendency to look at the limitations and focus our ideation on ideas that meet the demands of our limitations. Here's some advice from Jeffrey Baumgartner on how to overcome this thinking trap.
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------- foisted top ten : In-NO-vation [unshown = 'Creativity' ----------]
The Art of Innovation: Lessons in Creativity from Ideo, America's Leading Design Firm by Tom Kelley
Making Innovation Work : How to Manage It, Measure It, and Profit from It by Tony Davila, Marc J. Epstein, Robert Shelton
The Medici Effect: Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts, and Cultures by Frans Johansson
Harvard Business Review on Innovation by Clayton Christensen
Get Back in the Box : Innovation from the Inside Out by Douglas Rushkoff

$7 Christian Zionism defined = CZ

BAC Zionism 'defined=defiled' Brainwashing for the CIA
Brainwashing for the CIA: "Introduction: Christian Zionism Defined"
'Christian support for Zionism.'1 In Der Judenstaat, published in 1896, Theodor Herzl forcefully articulated the aspirations of Jewish Zionists for their own homeland, although the Zionist dream was largely nurtured and shaped by Christian Zionists long before it was able to inspire widespread Jewish support in the 1940's.2
At the First Zionist Congress which Herzl convened a year later in Basle, the Zionist aspiration was formulated in a call for a, 'publicly secured and legally assured homeland for the Jews in Palestine.'3 At the 27th Zionist Congress held in Jerusalem in 1968, Zionism was defined in terms of five principles:
1) the unity of the Jewish people and the centrality of Israel in Jewish life; 2) the in-gathering of the Jewish people in its historic homeland, Eretz Israel; 3) the strengthening of the State of Israel; 4) the preservation of the identity of the Jewish people; and 5) the protection of Jewish rights.4
Sharif understands political Zionism to be '...the ideological instrument for mobilizing international support for an exclusively Jewish state in Palestine.' She observes how in 1975, the United Nations General Assembly passed resolution 3379 (XXX) defining Zionism as, 'a form of racism and racial discrimination.'5 It was no longer politically correct to view Zionism as merely another national liberation movement, in this case for Jews. Uri Davis has written probably the most critical book on the realisation of the Zionist goal, entitled, Israel, an Apartheid State.6 Contemporary Christian Zionism is in part a reaction to this world-wide criticism.
So, for example, in 1967, following the passing of U.N. Resolution 242 in protest at Israel's occupation of the West Bank, and Palestinian Jerusalem, when the entire international community closed their embassy's in Jerusalem, the International Christian Embassy moved to Jerusalem expressly to show solidarity with Israel. They and other Christian Zionists believe that the modern State of Israel, and Zionism in general, are divinely mandated, the fulfilment of God's promise to Abraham. 'I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.' (Genesis 12:3)7 So, Hal Lindsey could assert, 'The center of the entire prophetic forecast is the State of Israel."8
Christian Zionists see themselves as defenders of, and apologists for, the Jewish people, and in particular, the State of Israel. This support involves opposing those deemed to be critical of, or hostile toward Israel.9 It is rare therefore to find Christian Zionists who feel a similar solidarity with the Palestinians.
The most well known and influential Christian Zionist organisations include the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ); the Church's Ministry Among Jewish People, also known as The Israel Trust of the Anglican Church within Israel (CMJ or ITAC); Christian Friends of Israel (CFI); Intercessors For Britain (IFB); Prayer Friends of Israel (PFI); Bridges for Peace (BFP); The American Messianic Fellowship (AMF); The Messianic Jewish Alliance America (MJAA); Jews for Jesus (JFJ); the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary; and the Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ). These organisations, in varying degrees, and for a variety of reasons, some contradictory, are part of a broad coalition, which is shaping the content of the Christian Zionist agenda today.
Contemporary British Christian leaders such as Derek Prince10, David Pawson11, Lance Lambert12, Walter Riggans13, along with Americans like Jerry Falwell14, Pat Robertson15, Hal Lindsey16, Mike Evans17, Charles Dyer18, John Walvoord19, Dave Hunt20, and the German, Basilea Schlink21, have had considerable influence in popularising an apocalyptic premillennial dispensational eschatology and Zionist vision among Western Christians.
That their teachings warrant the description 'Armageddon Theology'22 is evident from the provocative titles of many of their most recent publications.23 The beliefs and practices of the most influential of these organisations and individuals will be examined in depth in later chapters. This introduction attempts to map out the main historical and theological facts that have given shape and definition to the term.
Louis Hamada traces what he sees as the correlation between Jewish and Christian Zionism.
The term Zionism refers to a political Jewish movement for the establishment of a national homeland in Palestine for the Jews that have been dispersed. On the other hand, a Christian Zionist is a person who is more interested in helping God fulfil His prophetic plan through the physical and political Israel, rather than helping Him fulfil His evangelistic plan through the Body of Christ.24
While this definition may be true of agencies such as Bridges for Peace (BFP) and the International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem (ICEJ); other organisations such as Jews for Jesus and the Church's Ministry Among Jewish People (CMJ) are committed to both evangelistic witness as well as political restoration. CMJ, founded in 1809 under the name 'The London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews' was the first Christian Zionist organisation in Britain. The less accurate description of 'London Jews' Society' (LJS) eventually proved more popular.25 At its inception LJS had a fourfold mission agenda.
1) declaring the Messiahship of Jesus to the Jew first and also to the non-Jew; 2) endeavouring to teach the Church its Jewish roots; 3) encouraging the physical restoration of the Jewish people to Eretz Israel - the Land of Israel; 4) encouraging the Hebrew Christian/Messianic Jewish movement.26
The Rev. Louis Way, who directed the London Jews Society (LJS) from 1809, forcefully articulated Christian Zionist views some ninety years before the World Zionist Congress.27 During the last Century, in response to changing attitudes toward the Jews, LJS modified its name several times, first to 'Church Missions to Jews'28, to 'The Church's Mission to the Jews', then, 'The Church's Ministry Among the Jews'29, and finally in 1995 to 'The Church's Ministry Among Jewish People.'30 Their promotional literature now indicates a more subtle and less explicit three-fold strategy,
The aims of CMJ are:
Evangelism: To be workers with God in his continuing purpose for the Jewish people, both in Israel and world-wide, especially in seeking to lead them to faith in Jesus the Messiah as their only Saviour.
Encouragement: Supporting Jewish believers in Jesus in all possible ways.
Education: To help Christians to appreciate the biblical, Jewish roots of the Christian faith.31
This third aspect of their ministry was further modified in 1995 to emphasise not merely the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, but its living abiding relevance now, together with their concern, like that of the Council for Christians and Jews (CCJ), to confront anti-Semitism. The third 'aim' therefore now reads, To help Christians to appreciate the biblical, Jewish roots of the Christian faith and life. The concern to combat anti-Semitism.32
Whether this justifies defending the State of Israel from criticism for its continued occupation of the West Bank and Gaza is a controversial and sensitive point within CMJ. Material obtained in 1990 from Emmanuel House in Jaffa indicates that the commitment of some members of CMJ leadership to 'restorationism', that is, the active encouraging of Jewish people to move to Eretz Israel, including the Occupied Territories, appears to remain an important, if not explicit or well publicised aspect of their ministry. Their leaflet explaining the ministry of Emmanuel House states,
ITAC, as the London Jews Society is known today, has always believed, proclaimed and worked towards the return of the Jewish people to Zion. This policy is rooted in a firm belief in the message of biblical prophecy which has accurately foretold these things.33
In the 1996 Annual Report of CMJ, its General Director, Walter Riggans, explicitly and unequivocally identifies CMJ with restorationism and with support for the State of Israel. 34
Not to be out done by Christian Zionist organisations preoccupied with the fulfilment of biblical prophecy in Israel during what are regarded as the 'End Times', Riggans, under the section of the Report, outlining 'CMJ Issues', and in the context of the primary tasks of evangelism and encouragement, writes,
Within this focus we need to be aware that God's concern is with the Jewish people the world over. In our day there seems to be in some Christian circles a restriction of interest to the State of Israel and to the significance of various events for the unfolding of Biblical prophecies relating to the end times. CMJ has always been at the forefront of teaching about God's restoration of the Jewish people to and in Israel, and we are continually excited by, and watchful of all that is happening. We are humbled by what the Lord is doing among Israeli believers. In other words, our prayerful interest in the State of Israel is as constant and committed as ever.35
Perhaps this is why Walter Riggans defines the term 'Christian Zionist' in an overtly political sense as '...any Christian who supports the Zionist aim of the sovereign State of Israel, its army, government, education etc.; but it can describe a Christian who claims to support the State of Israel for any reason.'36
In a 'Resource Pack' produced in 1996 for group study as well as to answer objections to the work of CMJ, material is included under the bold heading, 'The State of Israel: Why should we support it?'37
Christian Friends of Israel (CFI) likewise insists on the unconditional necessity of 'Standing with Israel' and bringing blessing to her as a nation, though in their case, primarily through prayer and humanitarian projects rather than by evangelism.
We believe the Lord Jesus is both Messiah of Israel and Saviour of the world; however, our stand alongside Israel is not conditional upon her acceptance of our belief. The Bible teaches that Israel (people, land, nation) has a Divinely ordained and glorious future, and that God has neither rejected nor replaced His Jewish people.38
Bridges For Peace (BFP), founded in 1976 by Clarence H. Wagner similarly affirm, 'Through programs both in Israel and world-wide, we are giving Christians the opportunity to actively express our biblical responsibility before God to be faithful to Israel and the Jewish community.'39
The Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) may also be regarded as a Zionist organisation. While prohibiting proselytism of Jews by Christians associated with CCJ, its members, nevertheless, show more concern to defend the actions of the Israeli Government than with the claims of Christ. For example, when Said Aburish's The Forgotten Faithful was published in 1993, Beryl Norman wrote an intemperate rebuttal in the Church Times, criticising him for being,
'...part of a major campaign now being waged to win over Christians in the West to the Palestinian cause, and ensure that Israel loses Western Christian support.'40
When invited to elaborate in correspondance, she did not substantiate these claims, but made further allegations. In response to a request for evidence she claimed that,
'Militant Palestinian groups - PLO, Hamas - are using the churches. It is very easy to identify this - same vocabulary, same phrases, same stories. Our friends in Israel see this at first hand.'41
AMF International, formerly the American Messianic Fellowship (AMFI), was founded as the Chicago Hebrew Mission in 1887 by William E. Blackstone (1841-1935). Blackstone was a [patsy of powerful Jews] colleague of D. L. Moody and was also deeply influenced by J. N. Darby's brand [roll your own bunk?] of premillennial dispensationalism.42 He subsequently wrote 'Jesus is Coming' in 1908, which by 1916 had already been translated into 25 languages [paid for by devious Zionists, FYI] and is apparently still in print.43
AMFI is, according to its own literature, a 'conservative evangelical ministry committed to seeing the Lord's purposes fulfilled by building bridges of understanding between Christian and Jewish Communities'.44 Their Articles of Belief defines those 'purposes' to include a scenario of the future which is pre-tribulational, premillennial dispensationalism.
We believe that the blessed hope is the Lord Jesus' personal, imminent return to rapture the Church and then introduce the millennial age, when Israel shall be restored to their own land and the earth will then be full of the knowledge of the Lord.45 [why would G-d need your damn help?]
The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA) claims to be the largest association of Messianic Jewish believers in the world, founded in 1915, with affiliations in 15 countries, 250 Messianic Synagogues, and 350,000 Messianic Jews world-wide. They insist they are 'the leading representative organisation for American Jews who believe in Messiah Yeshua' 46 Their simple statement of belief is made up of four short paragraphs. The fourth states,
Of all the Christian Zionist organisations, the International Christian Embassy (ICEJ) is probably the most influential and controversial. ICEJ was founded in 1980, specifically in Jerusalem, as an attempt by Zionist Christians to reverse the effect of the decision by the international community to vacate their embassies in Jerusalem protesting Israel's continued occupation of the West Bank. Ironically ICEJ is housed in the confiscated home once belonging to the family of Dr Edward Said. Their promotional literature states,
When the vision of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem was first given it was expressed in the following concerns; to care for the Jewish people, especially for the new-born State of Israel which includes standing up for the Jews when they are attacked or discriminated against, and for Israel to live in peace and care that the world wide body of Christ will be rightly related to Israel in comfort, love and prayer for her well-being, to care for the nations whose destinies will be increasingly linked to the way in which they relate to Israel, the care and preparation for the coming of the Lord.57
At the Third International Christian Zionist Congress held in Jerusalem 25-29 February, 1996 under the auspices of ICEJ, some 1,500 delegates from over 40 countries unanimously affirmed a proclamation and affirmation of Christian Zionism including the following beliefs,
2. God the Father, Almighty, chose the ancient nation and people of Israel, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to reveal His plan of redemption for the world. They remain elect of God, and without the Jewish nation His redemptive purposes for the world will not be completed.
6. The modern Ingathering of the Jewish People to Eretz Israel and the rebirth of the nation of Israel are in fulfilment of biblical prophecies, as written in both Old and New Testaments.
7. Christian believers are instructed by Scripture to acknowledge the Hebraic roots of their faith and to actively assist and participate in the plan of God [HOAX FACTOR] for the ingathering of the Jewish People and the restoration of the nation of Israel in our day.
8. The Lord in His zealous love for Israel and the Jewish People blesses and curses peoples and judges nations based upon their treatment of the Chosen People of Israel.
10. According to God's distribution of nations, the Land of Israel has been given to the Jewish People by God as an everlasting possession by an eternal covenant. The Jewish People have the absolute right to possess and dwell in the Land, including Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan.58
In an amplification of those resolutions, the religio-political agenda of ICEJ is made quite explicit.
Further, we are persuaded by the clear unction of our God to express the sense of this Congress on the following concerns before us this day,
1. Because of the sovereign purposes of God for the City, Jerusalem must remain undivided, under Israeli sovereignty, open to all peoples, the capital of Israel only, and all nations should so concur and place their embassies here. [G-d does NOT benefit from nor 'NEED' this blasphemous HOAX]
2. As a faith bound to love and forgiveness we are appreciative of the attempts by the Government of Israel to work tirelessly for peace. However, the truths of God are sovereign and it is written that the Land which He promised to His People is not to be partitioned... It would be further error for the nations to recognise a Palestinian state in any part of Eretz Israel.
3. To the extent the Palestinian Covenant or any successor instrument calls for the elimination of Israel or denies the right of Israel to exist within secure borders in Eretz Israel, it should be abolished.
4. The Golan is part of biblical Israel and is a vital strategic asset necessary for the security and defence of the entire country.
C. The Islamic claim to Jerusalem, including its exclusive claim to the Temple Mount, is in direct contradiction to the clear biblical and historical significance of the city and its holiest site, and this claim is of later religio-political origin rather than arising from any Qur'anic text or early Muslim tradition.
7. While Gentile believers have been grafted into that household of faith which is of Abraham (the commonwealth of Israel), replacement theology within the Christian faith, which does not recognise the ongoing biblical purposes for Israel and the Jewish People, is doctrinal error.
8. Regarding Aliyah, we remain concerned for the fate of imperilled Jewish People in diverse places, and seek to encourage and assist in the continuing process of Return of the Exiles to Eretz Israel. To this end we commit to work with Israel and to encourage the Diaspora to fulfil the vision and goal of gathering to Israel the greater majority of all Jewish People from throughout the world.59
It is significant that many of the staff working for the International Christian Embassy apparently worship at the Anglican, Christ Church, near the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, which, coincidentally, is the headquarters of the Church's Ministry Among Jewish People (CMJ) in Israel. Ray Lockhart, the vicar of Christ Church, when invited to comment on the work of ICEJ, refused to express any criticism of it.60
In what is a useful summary, Walter Riggans, General Director of CMJ, claims Christian Zionists generally agree on three cardinal beliefs, allowing for a wide diversity of views as to their theological significance eschatologically, as well as their implications for Christian practice.
The return of Jews to the land in the last 100 years and the establishment of the State of Israel should be (or can be) interpreted as a fulfilment of Old Testament promises and prophecies concerning the land, or at the very least as signs of God's continuing mercy and faithfulness to the Jewish people. 'For many Christians today the greatest visible sign of God's faithfulness is the survival of the Jewish people. God has preserved them, cared for them, directed them, against all the odds [oh, are the 'odds' greater than the probability of Evolution being a damn reality?] . And so, in a sense, the greatest sign of all is the State of Israel, and Jewish sovereignty over Eretz Israel; such is a classic Christian Zionist position....
The establishment of the State of Israel has special theological significance because of what it means for the Jews, or because of what it means in the sequence of events leading up to the turning of the Jewish people to their Messiah and the second coming of Christ. [no link can be even prostitutionally established here; go to hell and don't darken this place again, with your Satan Buffet]
Christians should not only support the idea of a Jewish state, but (at least in general terms) support its policies. ' the most modest of ways I would suggest that Christians as Christians must give support in principle to the State of Israel as a sign of God's mercy and faithfulness, and as a biblical mark that God is very much at work in the world...' 61
In qualifying this definition, Colin Chapman argues that an important distinction needs to be made between 'Christian Zionism' and 'Biblical Zionism'. He recognises that Biblical Zionism could accept the existence of the State of Israel, and be willing to work and pray for its security on political or humanitarian grounds without needing to do so on theological grounds.
Christian Zionism, is however, rooted, in varying degrees, in the [ABSURD and foisted] theological conviction that the Bible mandates a restoration of the Davidic kingdom as the focus of God's rule on earth. In broad terms therefore they see in contemporary events, the hand of God protecting his chosen people, the Jews. The founding of the State of Israel in 1948 is regarded as the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy. Eretz Israel, not always well defined geographically, is nevertheless seen as theirs by unconditional divine right given under the Abrahamic covenant. Jerusalem is inevitably seen as the eternal and undivided capital of the Jewish State.62
Christian Zionism has, in general terms, arisen from within Evangelicalism, and Fundamentalism in particular. [ QED, you duped asshats] Within that narrower circle, Christian Zionism is invariably associated with, although not exclusively, a dispensational reading of Biblical history and a premillennial eschatology. It would be useful therefore to amplify the meaning of these four theological terms.
1.1 EvangelicalismThe term 'Evangelicalism' denotes a broad spectrum of theological opinion arising out of the Reformation, Puritanism and Revivalism. Tertullian was one of the first to use the term around 200 AD. in his defence of biblical truth against Marcion. Martin Luther used the term to describe John Hus, but it was Thomas More who introduced the word to the English language. In a 'vitriolic attack' on William Tyndale in 1532, More referred to those 'evangelicalles'.63 The distinctive doctrines of Evangelicalism include a belief in the supreme authority of scripture over tradition (sola Scriptura); in the literal interpretation of scripture; adherence to the historic creeds; the need for a personal faith in Jesus Christ for salvation and holiness; and a belief in the imminent, visible and personal return of Jesus Christ. Differences exist between 'open' and 'conservative' evangelicals as to the relative importance of such doctrines as infallibility and inerrancy. Evangelicalism is represented, and generally accepted, within all the main Protestant denominations and in Britain an increasing number of senior ecclesiastical posts are now held by evangelicals including Archbishop George Carey.64
[sorry, but that's enough emesis for one damn day; un-fing-believable/ jks]

Creationist RETARDS

Global Warming Dissenters Suppressed?: "Is this a joke?!(Score:3, Insightful)by GOD_ALMIGHTY (17678) Alter Relationship on Wednesday April 12, @04:51PM (#15116937)('m getting tired of the science community saying 'MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!' constantly.Too fucking bad! Tired of gravity being 9.8m/s2 too or the Earth revolving around the Sun? There's scientific knowledge, which adheres to a specific set of criteria and not-scientific knowledge, which is what doesn't adhere to that criteria. Either adhere to the criteria or hit the highway, that's how science works. Change that and it's not science.Hating on conservatives because of your prejudice against all of them being texas-cowboy retards who drive giant trucks. It's pathetic that a community who is constantly speaking out against people who exclude them for having different views has to exclude other people, and ridicule them, just because they believe in something different then you do.It's the conservatives doing the hating. You can't seem to get it through your thick fucking skulls that science has criteria and that your beliefs don't meet those criteria. No one is hatin on you for holding unscientific beliefs, we're hating on you for demanding that your clearly and demonstrably unscientific beliefs be categorized as scientific. You don't fucking make the rules here, logic does.Creationism is a completely valid viewpoint, and so is evolution.No creationism isn't; stop repeating this ignorance. Creationism is no more falsifiable than the question of God's existence. Evolution is falsifiable and has survived falsification thus far. Evolution is science, creationism is metaphysical. Creationism is NOT a valid scientific viewpoint, no matter how much you wish and wish.They're both *possible*.Not as scientific knowledge. Science does not consider creationism because it fails the first criteria of science, it is not falsifiable. Science will never consider creationism or the existence of God until someone has a falsifiable conjecture. But don't hold your breath, humanity hasn't come up with one yet, and it appears as if we aren't likely to ever.I've always thought the internet was a place where you could get away from people being judgemental, conservative or liberal, believer in global warming or not.Are you kidding? Since when have you been able to go on the internet and demand that 2 + 2 = 5 over and over again, no matter how many times it's patiently explained that 2 + 2 = 4 and not get flamed for it?!If you have a valid logical criticism, then go ahead, but just repeating this ignorance is flameworthy. You should expect derision to follow you wherever you try to trot out half-baked, illogical assertions and the participants know better.It isn't fair for people like me who are christians to be told that they're outright wrong.It is fucking fair, you're more than "outright wrong"! There is no objective way for you to not be wrong, but perhaps I missed the part of your comment where you refute Tarski and then falsify falsificationism. And don't hide from objective criticism behind your religious views, I consider your belief in creationism to be heresy. The Christian view of the creation stories (that's right, stories as in there are 2 different ones in Genesis), were written as "my God is more powerful than your God" stories. This has been repeatedly confirmed by Talmudic scholars and is the standard understanding among Jews. Any attempt to claim that the story is literal is blasphemy and therefore heretical.Your views aren't Christian, they're relativist and nihilist. To honestly conjecture that science is the same thing as a religious view, you've let your brain fall out of your head. It belies a belief that objective knowledge does not exist. Well this nihilistic viewpoint is objectively wrong. This goes for the idiot mods who gave this rubbish points too.
--Conservatism is a provable error in logic. -- me [a smart dood, not moohead/ js]

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