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Bonus Wisdom Thoughts 2B GREAT 2008

I truly wish you the best of health, happiness, and serenity (peace of mind)
and to keep it GREAT in 2008!

some wisdom thoughts:
1. To have a purpose is the greatest gift of life.
2. If you start something---finish it.
3. Before you act, think about what effect your actions will have on others.
4. More important than seeing the future is knowing the present.
5. It is often the small actions of our daily lives that, over time, have the greatest influence on the world.
6. Those who spend their time worrying about what people think of them wouldn't worry if they knew how rarely other people think of them.
7. The easiest person to decieve is yourself.
8. To your own self be true.
9. If you don't accept defeat you cannot be defeated.
10. If you fall seven times stand up eight.
11. It is a great gift to know when to remain silent.
12. Who are we if the thoughts we think are someone else's.
13. A closed mind is infinitely more difficult to open than a closed door.
14. A crowd is the loneliest place to be.
15. It would be impossible to alter our life without first altering our thinking.
16. It is wiser to concentrate on the effort, not the outcome.
17. Anyone is entitled to have their opinion of you, but do not take it to heart. It is your own opinion of yourself that matters.
18. Life is not a matter of chance, its a matter of choice.
19. If you have one aim in life, let it be to fulfill your potential.
20. It is far wiser to know than to be known.

oops, four more (two-twelves) from my favorites bin:
The mind makes a good servant but a poor master.
You cannot change someone else, but you can influence them.
If you fail to PLAN then you plan to FAIL.
Thank God for Waking up today with a Heartbeat!

Have a Great Day /    from J. Kenneth Cowtowne  ( Moo! )

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