Get your Rapture hats ready, kiddies! The sky is falling, and our wise gift of nuclear winter will propel us all into the loving arms of the all-knowing and all-everywhere G-d.


FYI - the data below is T R U E, and I knew about the UNGUARDED explosives
since 2003 when it occurred - an egregious command for the Iraqi to take the bombs... to INSURE that Chaos would ensue for years... Your 'Govt' does not give one
damn about the fodder = the troops, they are just props in a sick game..of Chaos --
which enables
the fascists to steal from the 'unmetered oilwells' and conflate a police state in 'the Homeland'. QED
It IS too late if the comatose and cornpone-toob-fed
'citizens' do not immediately wake up and seize some impeachment.
Whee! In spite of all the truth-opposite bunk you hear on TV, the WMD were a proved lie
from day one, the invasion was a war crime and you just might be able to 'serve' a purpose of peace to the planet by confronting these facts & dumping the crooks in charge.
Want to save MILLIONS of lives from destruction and refugee camps?
Speak up for humans and oppose the war-mongrels.
Thanks for a moment of your attention, moralsurgeon

PS: wagers or contention with any facts here? I can support and prove 98% of them effortlessly-just call.

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From: The Pen <>
Date: Aug 24, 2007 9:37 PM
Subject: Lunatic Plan to Attack Iran Confirmed, Please Do More To Help Push IMPEACHMENT While There Is Still Time


There is absolutely no doubt that if we get enough people to join the
calls for impeaching Cheney that it will happen. The ONLY thing he
has going for him to persist in his abuse of the Constitution is the
corporate media CON job that 1) there is not enough time to do it, 2)
that it would make Democrats look bad or hurt their chances in 2008,
or that 3) for some other idiotic, unpatriotic reason Congress would
never do it.

But there is an impeachment initiative building rapidly, and YOU are
part of that initiative because you have already spoken out in the
National Cheney Impeachment POLL (with more than 100,000 votes so
far), and if you are asking yourself what more you could be doing to
help make impeachment happen now here is what we are doing.

In only just about a month we have distributed 10,000 "IMPEACH
CHENEY?" caps, and we are asking everyone wearing one of those caps
to encourage everyone else they encounter to vote in the poll. We
want you to have one of those caps so you can be a VISIBLE part of
the grand national impeachment referendum. And we will send you one
for absolutely no charge, not even shipping, if you just email us
back your mailing address. Even so, for those who can make a
donation, however modest, please use the cap request form below to do
so, and remember that it is the kind donations of those who CAN
contribute that is financing the supply of these caps for those who


Claim your very own snappy, custom embroidered "IMPEACH CHENEY?" cap.
You will find it will empower you engage all your friends and neighbors in a serious discussion of the issue, which is what the question mark on it is designed to do, to tie into the impeachment
POLL. And to understand the urgency of the moment consider the latest

If you thought the Cheney White House could not be so crazy as to
attack Iran given the existing debacle in Iraq, we have news for you.
They ARE that crazy. As reported by Time magazine on line yesterday,
an administration official declared unilaterally "There will be an
attack on Iran", based on the totally bogus assertion that they are
the source for the IEDs being used in Iraq. The only way to stop the
insanity is to impeach the Vice President immediately and we must do
everything we could have done to make it happen.

Never mind that all anyone has to do is Google the words "missing explosives iraq" and in seconds you will find all the links to how 340 bulk tons of the most powerful military explosives just walked away from the Al Qa'qaa storage depot and others, which HAD been under U.N. seal, until they were left entirely unguarded for a month and a half while the U.S. military was only interested in protecting the oil ministry.

Never mind that all one of the strategic Keystone Cops in the Vice
President's office would have to do is Google the words "ieds copper
discs" and in seconds they too would find all the links to how local
machine shops in Iraq were cranking out the parts needed to make all
those IEDS as a cottage industry, given that they now have enough
stolen high explosives stockpiled for a 200 year insurgency at
current rates of attacks.

And yet still the push is from Cheney's office to tell even bigger
lies about Iran than he ever told about Iraq, and to escalate yet another fraudulent casus belli into world war with a billion Muslims, 99.999 percent of whom would have rather just be left alone in peace had we not gone out of our way to bomb their cities. If there is time to bomb Iran, there is enough time to STOP it.


Remember that Cheney is the originator of the irrational 1 percent doctrine, by which he asserted that even if the chance of potential threat is very small we must act preemptively to take that threat out. As a result of such doctrinaire dogma, 99 percent of the million
Iraqis killed so far, and of the millions more made into refugees or
maimed, have been innocent bystander civilians. That's a whole lot of
hearts and minds. Operating with at most 1 percent intelligence, and
99 percent the certainty of a paranoid, delusional madman, Dick
Cheney has turned U.S. foreign policy into a self-fulfilling

This is the same Dick Cheney who when interviewed in 1994 explained (in a private assessment he wishes he could suppress now) what a bad idea it would have been to try to depose Saddam by ourselves all alone with nobody from the region with us, and how it would lead to nothing but a quagmire and Iraq flying apart into sectarian pieces.
THAT 9/11 did not change. But were they candid with the American
people about the risks of an occupation of Iraq? No, they lied about
that too. They told us it would be a six week cake walk with candy
and flowers, to sucker us into sacrificing thousands of American
lives and a trillion dollars from our treasury to Cheney's war profiteering cronies, only to then tell us that's the reason we can't
just leave now.

Only impeachment can save us now. Only impeachment can remove Cheney
from office before he executes the final solution leading inevitably
to all out nuclear war and to the end of civilization. We do not have
time for the next election to save us. With more and more evidence
surfacing that the last two presidential elections were stolen
outright, with them putting into place secret presidential directives
to declare martial law and worse in response to the crisis they
themselves are determined to precipitate, only if we create the
political movement that will be required to save ourselves.


Please also consider making a donation to Dennis Kucinich, on the
basis that he is out there fighting for us on so many issues. Who
else is leading the way calling for the impeachment of Cheney? Who
else is leading the way calling for our troops to come home from Iraq
. . . period, not drag out an occupation for years or decades that
will only continue to inflame the Middle East and breed more hatred
and terrorism. The form below can handle both ActBlue and mail


Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at


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