Get your Rapture hats ready, kiddies! The sky is falling, and our wise gift of nuclear winter will propel us all into the loving arms of the all-knowing and all-everywhere G-d.


Barton Kunstler, Ph.D., author "The Hothouse Effect",
@American Management Assoc.books

The Hothouse Effect

Author: Barton Kunstler, Ph.D.
Pub Date: 2003 Your Price: $27.95 ISBN: 9780814407691 Format: Hardback

Hypocrisy And Covert Assassination Plans
by Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo
Open Letter to John McCain
by Joel S. Hirschhorn
Our Man in Baghdad -- Take 2

by Jayne Lyn Stahl
Morality is grounded in nature not institutionalized religion.
by W. Christopher Epler (Bill)
Obama Gets Real - Now It's Your Turn
by adrienne brown
Sexist Language, Not just for the Right Wing Anymore
by kellie bean
by Taxpayers for Common Sense

National Regrets and Paying for Reagan-Bush Policies
by Stephen Crockett
Middle America; Going, Going, Gone:

by Mike Folkerth
For Humanitarian Reasons, Please Free Jane Hall From The Factor
by steve young
Sometimes It Causes Me to Tremble: America's Anti-Americanism
by Edward Rhymes PhD
Can SuperDelegates Stop the Scorched Earth Campaigning?
by Paul Rogat Loeb
The New Magic Kingdom
by David Glenn Cox
Did Obama channel Lincoln...or did his pastor?
by Michael Lubin
by Paul De Marco
Chicagoans Refuse to Be Silenced After Permitted March
by Kevin Gosztola
Iran's Elections: Creating the illusion of democracy
by Goesta Groenroos
Happy Anniversary, America! How Lethally Stupid Can One Country Be?
by David Michael Green

Words to the Die-In Participants: We as a People Have the Power
by Daniel Ellsberg
Obama's Greater Challenge
by Brent Budowsky
Obama: Impact of the Bush-McCain War on Communities, Economy
by Joel Wendland
Just a Distraction
by Mark Goldman

Barton Kunstler

"In short, we've gone in there so often that we've taught them how to beat us. The combination of cynical policies, ethical bankruptcy, and imbecilic conduct of military campaigns, taught the Middle East how to take on the mighty." ans_would_t.htm[link to]

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  • Barton Kunstler, Ph.D., is author of "The Hothouse Effect", a book describing the dynamics of highly creative groups and organizations. He is a writer with a futurist perspective on education and social change, and is available as a speaker and trainer on such topics as creativity, education, leadership, and

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Thursday, January 17, 2008Congress Finally Acts! On Steroids!
Sometimes it seems like Congress is making more noise over steroids in baseball than Iraq, corruption, and New Orleans put together. This fictional parody of an interview with a member of the investigating House committee addresses this issue, hopefully in a humorous way.

Monday, January 14, 2008Concerned about the economy? End the war.
(14 comments) The media has largely ignored the link between Bush's wars and the deteriorating U.S. economy. With all that's been written about the credit crisis, the fact is that the awful waste of money on war and military spending is the primary cause of America's tilt towards bankruptcy. We might well wonder why this connection has gone unremarked, but unless it is addressed, neither crisis will be resolved.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007Why We Cannot - and Will Not - Attack Iran
The U.S. appears to be on the verge of attacking Iran. Yet the logic militating against such a course of action is so powerful that it is unlikely such an attack will take place. If it does, however, it will indicate that the Bush administration has lost all touch with reality to the extent that Congress and the Pentagon should countermand the Commander-in-Chief's orders to bomb Iranian targets.

Monday, September 18, 2006
U.S.-Israel-Iran Alliance:The Great Game Updated
(4 comments) The real driving force behind Middle East events may well be a U.S.-Israel-Iranian Alliance. Whether or not this contrarian hypothesis proves out, it offers an alternative logic that explains events more clearly than the muddled views currenlty circulating in the media.

Saturday, August 26, 2006
The Spartans Would Think We're Crazy

(3 comments) Israel and the United States have both made severe, and parallel, errors in strategic and moral calculation in their respective invasions of Lebanon and Iraq. Had they just referred to the experience of one of history's most militarized societies, the outcome would, ironically, have far better served the interests of all parties and the cause of regional peace.
It Does Happen in America: The Political Trial
of Don Siegelman
By Paul Craig Roberts

It's the same old shiite - different day, that's all!!
Look up 'Athenian Polypragmosyne' too! ..& we all know what happened to Greece?!
I'm an Historian. I have seen this over & over.---- === ----
.../...history provided the right timing and that timing never stopped after the Roman empire conquered Greece. What happened later where certain ideals and paradigms transfused to Rome and Greece was in moral and material decay and Rome reigned with the former yet with now twisted ideals and paradigms; the timing was also perfect for a new religion to come to light. This alone shaped our world more that anything. Probably many do not believe in what religion brought us but at least it brought something.
Now I personally fail to see the timing and what our current actions will bring on to us.
Where you are uncertain lurks Darkness.
This is the reason we probably all are left discussing important matters in a paranormal website. Signs of the confusion and desperation that is persistent in our world.
---- === ----
so they don't care about "solutions", they intend extermination
witness the hundreds of Iraqi scientists who were murdered once Iraqi society was rendered defenseless ... not because they were involved in weapons research, or were politically active, but simply because they had the best minds
this is one of the methods of the NWO cabal, and its intent can only be one thing .. to make sure the ", sheeple, fable-worshippers, remain nothing BUT "cattle".
when they no longer need these slaves/cattle, which will be as soon as they can be replaced by NWO, the cattle will all be slaughtered

Saturday, August 19, 2006
Spinning Truth into Lies
(3 comments) It no longer matters whether the British airline plot was real or not: any news report with political impact is instantly subjected to propaganda techniques that make the question of truth irrelevant.----- === --- === -----
What are the Ebay Seller Tool Websites Really Doing with Buyer Information?by Geoffrey of Bordentown
by Allen L Roland
The Law of Demandby Rady Ananda
States Claiming Ownership of Newborn's DNAby Marti Oakley
Florida's Democratic Presidential Primaryby Kenneth Briggs
Spring Equinox & Libra Full Moon, 2008by C.L. Pagano
Special "Extreme Makeover, Home Edition" issue of my housing co-op newsletter
by Jane Stillwater
Hawaii AspartameTask Force Resolution by Rep. Green, M.D.; Former FDA Investigator Art Evangelista Details Neurotoxicity
by Dr.Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible, and Dr.Art Evangelista

Call for a National Dialogue for Real Wally
Are You A Source Of Frustration or Inspiration in the Workplace?
by Bill Knell
Why Is My Life Such A Mess?by Bill Knell
Chance Abutmenting (a counter-critique of Peter Schjeldahl)by miles mathis

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