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serenity hoax researched

serenity hoax researched
another strange email from Mark's endless supply of twisted data:

Momentum is building in our government to create the "framework"
for a North American Union that would undermine our nation's
sovereignty, open our borders, and share our Social Security with people
who never paid into it as well as terrorists.
[that is not actually the way SSA operates, and...]

I just signed an important citizen petition opposing these latest
efforts. Please go here to sign:


WorldNetDaily is linked from that grassfire petition above to this page:
and despite being another bad source of news, it does carry a credible account of the
commonly censored North American Union and the Amero...
Its great to see fundamentalists being exposed to some of the actual treachery in
the Govt that's always pandering to their fringe issues.

WorldNetDaily Exclusive

Creation occurred 6,010 years ago Oct. 23, says historian
Get history book that traced actual date of creation

the dark ages mentality of the above ad aligns with the faith healing via mail-order pills...
the ad is excerpted and examined below... 
Press Release – New natural lithium pill fights mood disorders
No prescription is needed! Read thousands of testimonials here!

[saved a copy of the page since some names researched below were not shortened in this version]
Okay there are too many pointless testimonials, but not 'Thousands' yet somehow the pseudo-medicine
is sold with a DISCLAIMER ONLY ON THE trial-ordering page, with that
legal DISCLAIMER not being displayed upon the testimonials page [link on line below]
and it is printed in a barely visible pale grey color. Oops?
The statements on this web site have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

70% down page
"My name is Arlene Scoby and I have been bi-polar all my life. I was first diagnosed with manic-depression in 1968. I was hospitalized and given many prescription medications. I was taking at least 17different prescriptions over a 6 week period of time. I was 21 years old at the time. I am 55 now. What a horrible experience it was for me. I gained 50 pounds and felt like a blimp. From then on I was treated with antidepressants and sleeping pills etc. In 1987 I was again put in a mental facility and had to stay for at least 3 months. I started seeing a psychiatrist which gave me lithium in prescription form. I have been on that since until I saw your e-mail about serenity. I ask my family doctor, Dr. Feister, who was thrilled with natural lithium plus orotate. He recommended weaning myself off lithium carbonate which I did. I started serenity on May 16th my younger sister's birthday. I have so much energy I am losing weight. I want to thank you. I feel like I have been let out of prison. I wish it had come sooner in my life but at least now I am off of the prescription lithium forever." Arlene Scoby, Findlay, Ohio.
no other web presence is apparent

75% down page
I’m just finishing up my first bottle of Serenity and I just wanted to let you know how absolutely thrilled I am with this product. I’m 53 and I’ve suffered from chronic depression for nearly 30 years and your product has brought me the kind of relief I’ve been seeking, but could never find until Serenity came along. I was truly amazed at how quickly it started working – practically from the very first day – and how consistent its therapeutic effect on my depression has been. This is a wonderful, wonderful product and I hope that other women like me will put their skepticism aside and try Serenity. I don’t ever plan to be without it! Thank you for introducing me to this miracle!" Dorian Charles, Avenel, NJ
[wishlist at amazon but nothing else]

"I have been treated with conventional anti depressants for years now. They always took me "out of the dumps" but I never felt the spirits lift...just felt less hopeless. My current therapist did some testing and said that although the Temporal Lobe causes of my depression were being addressed nicely,the Limbic portion had never been addressed. She suggested several drugs but added that a naturally occurring element like lithium might be most appropriate. I saw your ad and ordered Serenity. In ten days we saw a significant change in my affect and my mood swings seemed in good control. Thank you for giving me my life back. I can concentrate,enjoy a book again and remember things that got lost in my mood swings before. Serenity is all you said it would be and more." Karen L. Galbreath [nothing else/maybe a swimmer in 1998]
impossible to know if same person; not much there
results= 2 for serenity, and 2 for also writing for helped her immensely [maybe a LinkedIn member/retail indusrty ] [not=Kentucky Chi Omega advisor]

Serenity™ is the all-natural, mineral form of Lithium. It is effective, safe, non-toxic, non-addictive and has no side effects! See what current customers say about Serenity™.

Comments: You see this stuff advertised on every mental health site and every mental health search you look at.  The question always comes up, "It has no side effects, should I try it?"

Well, don't pin your hopes on that "no side effects" stuff so quickly.  If it were so good, why wasn't it used sooner, especially since Dr. Nieper's work was published over 30 years ago?

Because a subsequent study, again in rats not people, found that lithium orotate is even harder on your kidneys that lithium carbonate is!  Yow!  Lithium carbonate is hard enough on your plumbing, I'd hate to think what this crap would do to you.  The study concluded, "It seems inadvisable to use lithium orotate for the treatment of patients."  This was a follow-up to the study that showed you did get more lithium orotate in a rat's brain than you did with lithium carbonate.  But to get anywhere near a therapeutic dosage of lithium levels for bipolar disorder your kidneys would be in full revolt apparently. .../...

Until then, we have only a testimonial that appears on a site which sells lithium for $35 when the carbonate generic is about $5.  The site also notes that the orotate version has not been investigated by the FDA, and that the statements on the site are -- dig this -- "not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease".  That's a pretty amazing disclaimer to follow the very direct claims to treat and cure symptoms which appear right above it. 

So, you see I'm having a little trouble with the trust factor.  This is made even worse by the idea that this site sells lithium for use without any lab measures of lithium level.  I'd bet the product comes with some warning about "don't use any more than three per day" or something like that, and that each pill has so little lithium in it that Dr. Knieper and company don't have to worry about getting anybody anywhere near lithium toxicity.  

To really appreciate the irony of this situation, you'd have to know the story of how a doctor named Cade discovered lithium's effects in 1950 in Australia, but then the later discovery as well that lithium could kill people -- leading to a dramatic set-back in the use of lithium that lasted years.  And here we are seeing somebody peddling lithium for use without any supervision.  Stunning.  

If you try the ABA routine above, let me know what you discover.  Thanks. 

Dr. Phelps
Don't mix l-tryptophan / 5-HTP / Tryptan with SSRIs,
multiple reuptake inhibitors or Remeron (mirtazapine). Just don't. Unless your doctor tells you to, of course. That's your doctor and not anyone else. Otherwise you're seriously screwing with your serotonin levels and wildly unpredictable results may occur, including the potentially fatal serotonin syndrome. That's right, you could die from the advice some hippie at Ye Olde Vitamin Shoppe gives you about taking 5-HTP along with your Prozac. Amino acids are powerful things, so long as what's in the capsule is what was promised on the label. Anyway, l-tryptophan converts to 5-HTP, which converts to serotonin.

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