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Globalization means Ghettoization 2 from BAR

Globalization means Ghettoization 2 from BAR
Cincinnati’s in a World of Trouble, But All the Rulers Want is a New Jail
Wednesday, 10 October 2007

CinciCopsRiotby Dan La Botz

Six years ago, Cincinnati's Black neighborhoods exploded in revolt against a system that shot down unarmed youth in the streets, denied them jobs, and sought to cleanse the poor from whole sections of the city - a state of affairs that is replicated across the width and breadth of urban America. In typical fashion, city fathers promised to do some soul-searching, to right the wrongs that they themselves had created. But in the end, both "conservative" and "liberal" leaders settled on one project to cure what ails the city: a new jail with room for 800 additional inmates. The Cincinnati saga reveals the moral and political bankruptcy of Democrat-Republican machinations, choreographed dances that end with Blacks and poor people worse off than before.

Technology Widens the Rich-Poor Gap
Wednesday, 10 October 2007

by Philip Emeagwali









The Euro-Americans, who amassed wealth beyond their wildest dreams through violent plunder of the rest of the world's human and natural resources, continue the process through control of technology. Rather than a source of wealth for developing nations such as Nigeria, "oil has become the bane of our existence," says the author. The dominant powers of the planet maintain their positions through technological wealth, which allows them to extract both the resources of mineral-rich nations and charge a 40-percent technology "tax" to carry away the loot. The U.S. is the greatest beneficiary of this technological imbalance, empowering it to "accomplish a virtual economic colonization" of much of the rest of the planet.


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