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makes it unsurpassed (although has some brainiacs but a broader demographic).

Hmm, it is absurd to see an 18-month OLD  F A C T  about switchgrass covered today as 'news' but I'll presume most commenters know that AND they WILL rant about the heinous $0.51 import tariffs  ["free trade" my assss] on Brazil's smart cane-Ethanol combined with the $0.50 viciously diabolical Govt SUBSIDY [crony-largesse for AMD & Agri-fascists] for Corn-based Ethanol in US.  This evil doctrine promotes global starvation because Corn is the worst resource-INTENSIVE way to get Ethanol, and the result is that there will no longer be SURPLUS FOOD stocks to donate or even purchase for the planet's peasant nations.

"Even" the USian poor will be effectively damned to subsistence at best. 
All food prices will double by next year, WWIII -- pronounced  WHEE! --
(We Have Evangelical Ecstasy -- the "soon" Raptured Brickheads, praying for global nuclear flames / js zog).

Political Soapbox - MoralSurgeon's five minute synopsis: 
(the deliberately inhumane consequences of Corn Ethanol... will be simply whitewashed like the WTC Omissions Report, and excused as)
A "(DELIBERATE) Incompetence" mantra, again, as in the

#1  Foreknown and abetted WTChoax;  the
#2  Deliberately Botched NOLA 'rescue' to justify vote-gerrymandering via gunpoint-forced relocations "they have it pretty good here" plus Bulldozing of thousands of completely inhabitable homes condemned by proximity to wealth; and the
#3  WMD fabrications ("no WMD found here under my desk" jokes the prez on video for Press Correspondents Dinner) providing closure on the fact that Tennet's "Slam Dunk" referred to the sheeple's hunger to believe "the Big Lie" and had no reference to the absurd and proved-false claims from the "Curveball" prisoner already documented by German Intelligence to have zero value.
#4  Plamegate and Jeff Gannon-gate: where Joseph Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame was TREASONOUSLY exposed as a covert agent  ( in the crucial Nuclear Weapons Surveillance realm, thus conveniently incapacitated ) as DIRECT Retribution for Joseph's famous NYTimes editorial.  That Op-Ed piece documented the sophomoric lameness of the Psy-Ops planted Yellowcake purchase which was a known fraud from an Italian Hoaxter. Joseph's story exposed the treachery in the insolence of a " British Intelligence item" in the nefarious 16-words of the inverted-truth-buffet of the Bush SOTUS.  Tennet got the Medal of Freedom for practical perjury regarding this item, and Libby got convicted but then excused for being his boss, Cheney's fall guy.  Yes, they really deploy  "(Deliberate) Incompetence" for everything.  The sheeple WANT to believe in cornpone, they can't handle the Truth.  This felony of exposing Plame was deliberately orchestrated and maniacally pursued, as seen in Cheney's handwriting.  It was also so swift and extreme that any potential patriots would see the grisly warning to not risk crossing the official piffle.
#6  How much time do you have!?  What about Fallujah being Napalmed, ot the million pounds of toxic radiation from DU weapons?  Please see wikipedia or google; I'm quitting here but have a DOZEN+ items, FYI.

Slashdot Daily Newsletter    In this issue:
    * Hubble Finds Double Einstein Ring
    * No Dual-Boot XO Laptop, According to Microsoft
    * Sun Plans to Have No In-House Data Centers by 2015
    * Origin of the iPhone
    * Sony Announces DRM-Free Music at Amazon
    * Origin of Antimatter Cloud Discovered
    * Computer Scientists Grow a Better Virtual Tree
    * Firefox Struggling to Compete as Corporate Browser
    * KDE 4.0 Is Out
    * Legalize File Sharing, Say Swedish MPs
    * First Look At the ACID3 Browser Test
    * Drug Shows Early Promise Against Alzheimer's
    * Toshiba Uses Cell Chip In Consumer Laptop
    * Congress To Investigate FCC
    * Largest Black Hole Measured
    * Old Stars Can Form New Planets
    * National ID Cards Mandated in the US, If You're Under 50
    * McDonald's UK CEO Blames Video Games for Childhood Obesity
    * 14-Year-Old Turns Tram System Into Personal Train Set
    * How to Recognize a Good Programmer
    * 12 Florida Schools Pass Anti-Evolution Resolutions
    * Could the RIAA Just Disappear?
    * Coverity Reports Open Source Security Making Great Strides
    * Proposed Canadian MP3 Player Tax Struck Down
    * Switchgrass Makes Better Ethanol Than Corn

| Origin of the iPhone                                               |
|   from the contents-under-pressure dept.                           |
|   posted by Soulskill on Friday January 11, @01:19 (Handhelds)     |
|        |
rambilly brings us a story from Wired about the [0]origin and development
of the iPhone. From the article: "Steve Jobs had tasked about 200 of
Apple's top engineers with creating the iPhone. Yet here, in Apple's
boardroom, it was clear that the prototype was still a disaster. It
wasn't just buggy, it flat-out didn't work. The phone dropped calls
constantly, the battery stopped charging before it was full, data and
applications routinely became corrupted and unusable. The list of
problems seemed endless. At the end of the demo, Jobs fixed the dozen or
so people in the room with a level stare and said, 'We don't have a
product yet.' The effect was even more terrifying than one of Jobs'
trademark tantrums. When the Apple chief screamed at his staff, it was
scary but familiar. This time, his relative calm was unnerving. 'It was
one of the few times at Apple when I got a chill,' says someone who was
in the meeting."
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| Legalize File Sharing, Say Swedish MPs                                               .     |
|   from the common-sensical dept.                                                               |
|   posted by kdawson on Friday January 11, @08:59 (Government)      |
|                    |
CrystalFalcon writes "In the past week, the file sharing debate has
exploded in Sweden, with numerous mainstream politicians finally having
understood the issue. Last week, seven Swedish MPs wrote [0]a prominent
opinion piece saying that fully legalized file sharing is not just the
best solution, it's the only solution. Now their number has increased to
13, and the issue continues to grow. Good summaries at [1]TorrentFreak
and [2]P2P Consortium. Original opinion piece [0]in English here."
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| Drug Shows Early Promise Against Alzheimer's                           |
|   from the you-must-remember-this dept.                                    . |
|   posted by kdawson on Friday January 11, @09:59 (Biotech)    |
|  |
The feed delivers news from Ars Technica about a new and promising
[0]treatment for Alzheimer's. The drug Etanercept works by disabling the
functioning of a cytokine called TNFa, and reportedly caused immediate
improvement — in minutes — in mental functioning in one Alaheimer's
patient. Double-blind studies have not yet begun.
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| Congress To Investigate FCC                                                                 .     |
|   from the so-there dept.                                                                               |
|   posted by kdawson on Friday January 11, @11:05 (Government)  .    |
|                           |
SirLurksAlot writes to let us know that [0]Congress is planning to
question the FCC on the way the commission is run. From the article: "The
FCC — and Chairman Kevin Martin in particular — are in hot water with
Congress... While Martin was at CES, telling
(lying about an already latent & condoned crime /js zog) all who would listen that
the FCC will [1]investigate Comcast's traffic-shaping practices,
House Energy and Commerce Committee announced a formal investigation of
the FCC. The news couldn't be more welcome to the industries that the FCC
regulates.'"  Discuss this story at:

| 14-Year-Old Turns Tram System Into Personal Train Set              |
|   from the no-volume-control-on-this-tv dept.                                 |
|   posted by ScuttleMonkey on Friday January 11, @14:37 (Hardware Ha|
| |
[0]F-3582 writes "By modifying a TV remote a 14-year-old boy from Lodz,
Poland, managed to [1]gain control over the junctions of the tracks.
According to The Register the boy had 'trespassed in tram depots to
gather information needed to build the device. [...] Transport command
and control systems are commonly designed by engineers with little
exposure or knowledge about security using commodity electronics and a
little native wit.' Four trams derailed in the process injuring a number
of passengers. The boy is now looking at 'charges at a special juvenile
court of endangering public safety.'"
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| Switchgrass Makes Better Ethanol Than Corn                                  .  |
|   from the seemingly-easy-choice dept.                                       .          |
|   posted by ScuttleMonkey on Friday January 11, @17:27 (Power).  |
|    |
statemachine writes to mention that the USDA and farmers took part in a
[0]5-year study of switchgrass, a grass native to North America. The
study found that switchgrass ethanol can deliver around 540 percent of
the energy used to produce it, as opposed to corn ethanol which can only
yield around 24 percent.
"But even a native prairie grass needs a helping
hand from scientists and farmers to deliver the yields necessary to help
ethanol become a viable alternative to petroleum-derived gasoline, Vogel
argues. 'To really maximize their yield potential, you need to provide
nitrogen fertilization,' he says, as well as improved breeding techniques
and genetic strains. 'Low input systems are just not going to be able to
get the energy per acre needed to provide feed, fuel and fiber.'"
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