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Monopoly Media is Fascist Fodder

MONOPOLY Corporate Media NOT “left” or “right” issue – It’s a FASCIST fraud

Posted by: stryder on Oct 26, 2007

Do yourselves a favor and do search under “Operation Mockingbird” “Gatekeepers of the Left” and “alternative media censorship”.

While rogue Fox “News” is a transparent Fascist propaganda farce – the corporate media is hardly clean on any key issue facing America or the world at large. An easy example is a completely bogus “war on terror” that virtually every media outlet in America beat a drum for based on the ongoing cover-up at 9/11.

That includes Paul Krugman’s own NY Times.

Now we have a war of genocide by U.S. soldiers and private mercenaries from the Mid East to Eurasia murdering civilians (most women and children) for Big Oil petrodollars. Over a million killed at Iraq War alone by last count and more than 2 million homeless.

The excuse for the Iraq debacle was “faulty intelligence” and “incompetence” etc, by Washington and the entire media.

This is utter drivel.

There was no “faulty intelligence” nor “incompetence” when it came to the trillions in Big Oil and war spending at stake for propaganda foisted “war on terror” that is nothing more than a bloody fraud. Testimony from UNSCOM’s Scott Ritter, the Downing Street Memo and other sources well confirm this.

The same bloody fraud is at the dark heart of the entire monopoly corporate media machine at Fascist U.S.A.

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