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gunshow wonders and Ron Paul-mania

Ron Paul supporters at gunshow

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Saturday November 10, @05:08PM
We went to the gunshow today, and the Ron Paul folks had a really decent end set of tables and were doing a good business giving away bumper stickers and flyers, etc, in bulk, encouraging people to turn around and redistribute. We got some. NO other candidate or political party was set up at the show, zero. Mostly young folks at the booth, one neogeezer like me, after I told them I cut my teeth working the goldwater campaign I was instant hero, got handshakes all around and high fives. Made me feel good.

Prices better than last time, despite the new or surplus ammo shortage, there was plenty of pro grade reloads available, and prices on hardware were fair. Lot of guys selling silver coins, too. I didn't have the scratch to spare for a new piece, but garnered some doo dads and some ammo I needed, and a coupla new knives, got one on my belt now, a real decent tanto style replica with paracord handle, only 10 bucks. There was a lot of exotic older pieces at the show, including some 1800s colt single actions and some ancient old derringers, one of them a slide open 4 shot, weirdest little gun I ever saw. Then your usual mass ar-15 family tables, every *possible* additional add on you can imagine, probably radar in there, who knows. Some look like straight out of a Hollywood science fiction movie. I'd say the armalite family has attained official cult status, maybe apple should make one....

    I was checking against some of my older investments, done darn good looking at the prices. What has completely disappeared is mil surplus ammo or cheaper stock old military rifles, saw zip of it other than odd boxes of some foreign steel cased stuff and a few mosin nagants and the odd enfield or springfield and of course your sks and ak variants (saw a real pretty valmet sporter AK, very nice work there). Only one M1 carbine at the whole show, saw a few original garands, both pricey (new is better deal now on them if you want a garand, like from springfield armory).

Thoughts on what should be at those shows as well, but you never see it. Alternate energy stuff, a nice booth with some solar panels and a wind charger setup on a tiny stubby tower would be neat. Radios, no good electronics dealers there for like freeplay windup stuff and various shortwaves or like FRS radios and so on. No "ruggedized" laptops or PDA action suitable for outdoor/survival/home backup during storms use. There's a few ideas for a second weekend business for someone there and not have to compete with the guy on either side of you at the tables, but still hitting a crowd that might be receptive to those sorts of articles.

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