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Corsi related to me that the most recent coup attempt against our nation, system and sovereignty is not being conducted by the U.S. military. Rather, it is being achieved through men who place commerce and commercial interests at the top of what mankind is about. It is very Hegelian and Marxist, at its center encompassing a belief that people are primarily motivated by economics and materialism, that trade and commerce and having material goods are the primary factors in creating a peaceful world. The policymakers who hold those attitudes have had immense influence on George W. Bush.

.../... Last year's report by a CFR task force entitled "Building a North American Community" is the outline for the North American Union, which they would like to have up and running by 2010.

Minutemen Insanity at Columbia


Protest is alive and well at Columbia, though it's still a far cry from 1968. Yesterday evening, Jim Gilchrist, head of the Minutemen, the "citizens' vigilance operation" that patrols the Mexican border in California, was invited to speak at Columbia University. But pretty much as soon as he got on stage, a group of student got on stage and protested - and then all hell broke loose. The Bwog liveblogged the event, and here's an excerpt:

This is simply a new brand of old feudalism being set into motion by none other than the hero of so many Republicans, George W. Bush.

Read Part II, North American Union: Coup d'├ętat American Style.

The president of Columbia's College Republicans, junior Chris Kulawik, told the Daily News, "It was quite embarrassing as a Columbia student."

CTV News has video footage:

Photographs from the Bwog

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This is Part II of a three-part series. Read Part I, North American Union: Deconstructing the U.S.

By 2010, the integration of Mexico, Canada and the U.S. will be almost complete. Congress and the media will not know what happened. Americans will be as clueless as ever; thanks to the complicity of the brain-dead media, the triumph of a bloodless bureaucratic elitist coup will become a reality, or close to it.

.../... Regulations misusing NAFTA and the SPP agreement Bush signed last year in Waco, Texas, along with Fox and Martin will have a regional state in the works that none of us voted on.

As has happened in the past with so-called "trade agreements" or "security pacts," the on-track North American Union will create supranational bodies which will make decisions negating the will of the American people, thereby doing an end run around our sovereignty and the U.S. Constitution. Forget the Congress – they let this happen.

It won't matter whether or not we pass "guest worker" amnesty this year or next. What will happen is continued dithering about border security until the North American Union is in place. [ ]

.../... Nevertheless, it wouldn't be the first time an illegal coup of sorts has taken place through a clandestine network of economic and political interests. There are always those who think they take power through a back door. It is very Hegelian and collectivist to believe the ends justify the means.

.../... As of June 15, 2006, only Rep. Tom Tancredo is demanding that the Bush administration let the American people know what is going on.

As it is, the creation of the North American Union will depend on the misuse of the regulatory system and incremental implementation through regulations to create the NAU. U.S. bureaucrats and agencies caving to the will and dictum of institutions such as the World Trade Organization, World Bank, World Court, NAFTA tribunal, or "study groups" composed of "stakeholders" and "experts" is the process making the NAU a reality.

Rule by Regulation: How to Overthrow a Republic

The SPP sets as one of its goals: Regulatory Cooperation to Generate Growth. What that includes is "harmonization" of economies – rules and regulations created by a group of unknowns and "experts" that impact all aspects of life. The result will be an end to U.S. sovereignty, America as a nation-state.

.../... … U.S. laws can be effectively overturned and the NAFTA Chapter 11 tribunal can impose millions or billions of dollars in fines on the U.S. government, to be paid ultimately by the U.S. taxpayer."

Then, of course, there are terrible hemispheric agreements like CAFTA, passed last year by two votes. Full of hundreds of pages of bureaucratese, CAFTA gives an undetermined authority to foreign tribunals so as to make sure U.S. laws are "no more burdensome than necessary" on foreign trade.

sorry-- Newsmax was home to the ultimate in faked news...
so its impossible for me to believe thier 'rebuke' of boosh here /js

story, VIDEO CLIP, then the ten 'best' of 80 comments [skimmed, so maybe not fair and balanced; like FAUX News]

[ js --can't undestand this comment below; but seems important --js]
Given the predatory nature of our predatory species -- black participation in the anti illegal immigration problem is ... racially motivated.

So, why not hug a white guy who is promoting the ethnic interests of black people too?

How many stories can you read of blacks facing increased competition from Chicanos for working class jobs, being pushed out of formerly black neigborhoods, and engaging in ethnic conflict with Chicanos in public schools?

So, are there white Gentiles who want to end illegal immigration for ethnically motivated reasons? -- racists? While blacks -- as well as all Jews and nonwhites in America -- could openly say they oppose amnesty, or illegal immigration, because these things specifically harm their race, (in other words, for ethnically motivated reasons) -- white Gentiles can only promote or oppose something strictly for universal reasons.


Given that our species is predatory, by nature, discrimination is normal. Races that see themselves as a sovereign people, an alpha race, will be racially conscious and will openly promote the ethnic interests of their people.

In America, Jews and nonwhites are encouraged to be racially conscious, to organize along racial lines, appoint racially defined leaders, and to openly promote the ethnic interests of their people.

They are acting as alpha races, sovereign races.

White Gentiles, though, fear being seen as racially conscious and are terrified to be seen as racially aggressive. They are the typical beta race, or beta tribe. As such, when tribal aggression is shown by a white Gentile he must figuratively "roll over and expose his vitals" for Jews and nonwhites. This is the age old behavior between alpha races and beta races.

So, its very possible that some white Gentiles in the minutemen have the same motivation that any Jew or nonwhite would have -- ethnic motivation.

But I would imagine -- given the racially emasculated state of just about all whites -- that just about all whites involved are doing so for universal reasons.

Exactly, fishtale. Their behavior and intolerance is a direct result of the entitlement society they live in, and because of the unconscious guilt they carry around it comes out in the most twisted ways.

As for being a Republican student at Columbia, good for them... all the rest of those kids hear is the same baaaaa-ing, and that's one of the main reasons we don't even have a functional democracy anymore. Critical thinking is in a coma, points of views are replaced by "talking points".

As a graduate of Brown University, I am well aware of the intimidation tactics and Orwellian speech employed by many "activist" groups at liberal colleges. It is instances like this one at Columbia that actually made me far more conservative after my four years of college than before (I grew up in the South, mind you). Conservative groups on campus were actually far more open to dialogue than the supposed "liberal" groups, most of which relied on naive freshman to shout slogans and interrupt speakers of opposing viewpoints with the most outrageous accusations imaginable. Perhaps the Conservatives were forced to be more open to debate because of their minority status. In any case, yes, most of these kids won't give a rat's ass once they graduate and move on to ibanking, consulting, or law.

rushing a stage is a hell of a lot better than rushing a border armed to the teeth intent on shooting to kill!!!

free speech? at least gilchrist got 3 minutes. that is a lot more time that he and his band of thugs will allow any so-called "illegal" to live.....

by they way, from what i have read and heard direct from those who were there, the minutemen could barely sustain an intelligable presentation except rant and quote the bible. this is a major university not some freakin' bible or community college!

Like Matt, I went to Brown, too.. and I also feel like I became more conservative while there because of the zany leftist tactics and ideas of the politically active there.

When any conservative writer, scholar, politician, supreme court justice, pundit came to campus, their speeches were inevitably disrupted by noise, boos and publicity stunts. It made me feel, there must be something in what the conservatives were saying, if these "activists" feared the idea even expressed aloud.

Don't even get me started with the smarmy attitude of 19 y/o students who have taken 2 political science courses during Q/A talking down to people who have made lifetime careers in academia, politics or the law. Disagree with them, yes... but show some respect.

I agree that the students were aggressive, or the aggressors or whatever...

That's a very positive thing.

Aggression is the only way to get anything done. Just ask Karl Rove, just ask the Minutemen. They are all heavily armed and patrolling the border down south - that seems pretty aggressive to me? And they made international headlines and now they are getting their precious 700 mile fence.

Be Aggressive. Scare them. Force their hands.

When are people going to learn that when you want something - you do not take NO for an answer. I ahve seen some protest in France that would make you shit your pants by the way.

If our government (and their corporate collaborators) doesn't fear us, then we are not doing our job. Don't you fear your boss? Isn't that how the work gets done around the office?

Now I only wish that this energy was directed toward people who drive cars and pollute all day long...then we will be getting somewhere.

i think the right wing loves the fact that a bunch of pacifists are their opposition - thats a guarantee that they will always be in power

to repsond to dhex -
i do not have any particular policy recommendation except that we cannot be scared to act fact its the only thing that shakes things up.

and what is the sense in having priciples if you are going to let people walk all over them dhex?
what is your definition of fighting back? mine is changing all the time, but it is NOT playing nice...i think the students last night are onto something...lets debate how to take their baton and keep charging on.

dhex said
"attack a fringe group like the minutemen with violence and what is the result? the net change? nothing. are these guys in power? no. they're just schmoes, misguided and politically challenged"

they are not in power - but THEIR VIOLENCE got congress to agree to erect a 700 mile fence

so they carry guns, talk a big game - and they get results...
we make blogs, write to our stupid newspapers, play nice - and get nothing...

when will we figure out that we need to get much much more aggressive?

rebuttal anyone?

These guys are absolutely in charge of shaping public opinion, which, if you have not been paying attention for the last 6 years, is what decides elections. Clearly not logic.

Politicians are too busy raising cash.

The People are idiots on the average, and the concept of nuance does not exist in their concrete world. I'm fine with that and I still love em for it. But that changes my approach to hammering some of my thoughts through their thick little skulls.

Revenge is defense and for pussies who should have spoken up the first time and now regret that they didn't. This was not revenge. This was offense. Which is the side of ball the Dems need to get on if they think anybody who considers themselves liberal will vote for their candidate.

It seems to be assumed that liberals are, by default, pacifists at heart. When conservatives deploy their nasty tactics, we're expected to just sit back and "take the high road." Conservative commentators' bile is a given, yet when some liberals give them a taste of their own medicine they can't deal.

I'm amused at all the conservative whiners attending liberal colleges; now you know what it's like to grow up in a small flyover community. :) Deal with it, and eventually you'll be out of there.


somehow this got lost way at the top of all these comments so for everyone's enlightenment i am gonna repeat the observations made by several witnesses:

what happened is that......

1) minutement got plenty of rope with preacher talking nearly an hour going nowhere
2) gilchrist got on stage
3) he talks and it clearly appeared to be same nonsensical mumbo jumbo
4) stage rushed by banner holders (note, NO violence)
5) republicans/minutmen/conservatives physically attack banner holders causing fight (i.e. the banner holders did not start fight, just wanted to present their point of view)
6) columbia security ended event due to violence instigated by conservatives/republicans/minutemen NOT others


over and out......

When I watched this video, I couldn't help but affirming the fact that this is why I came to Columbia. I'm so damn proud of the people who felt sufficiently moved by indignation to DO something about, rush the stage, and make it evident that our generation isn't emotionally dead yet. I can say that I'm proud of my fellow Columbians, and if just a few of them can act this way, then there's hope for all of us not to become these ridiculous investment bankers.

also [skipped by me]

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