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"...I think it arises from a natural but carnal desire on the part of a gifted minority to bring the less gifted majority to heel and get them where they will not stand in the way of their soaring ambitions." A.W. Tozer

About This Web Site...
This site is merely a watchman's cry that something is not right within the church today. When I read my Bible, then see where the church is heading, the contrast is too much to remain silent. If it were just a matter of personal preference, I would not bother.
I am not a deep thinker, therefore, my writing is not deep. There are hundreds of Christian blogs that spew out words by the millions from people who presume themselves to be deep thinkers. They can have it. It's oftentimes more of a bog than a blog.

This web site is just one resource to help others understand the deceptions that are growing in the church. In all my years of ministry and living, I've never seen such a cong [L]omeration of methods, thoughts, philosphies, psychologies, and strategizing as we see in the church today. As churches, we no longer look to the Bible to define what a church actually is.

As individuals, we have forsaken diligent study of the word to the diligent study of the steady stream of books eminating from various Christian publishers. An influx of New Age and Eastern thinking seems to be infiltrating churches that once unashamedly proclaimed the word of God. Churches now seek relevance and growth at the expense of truth in unprecendented numbers. Not wanting to be left behind in the quest for growth or even 'mega-church' status, many have given themselves over to the church growth philosophies of just a few men in the Seeker Sensitive and Purpose-Driven methodologies.

I am committed to calling individuals and churches back to a life of diligently seeking after God through the study of His word, and living out the teachings of scripture. Churches need to return to the expositional preaching and teaching of God's word, so that we might know God how He wants us to know Him, not how other men want us to know Him. As I often say, we cannot know God apart from being taught His word, and cannot love God whom we do not know, and cannot serve a God we do not love.

The New Streamlined Personal Bio...

I'm a basic baby boomer...born in the mid-50s. I reside in the west, in a fairly remote region of the Colorado mountains. Some may say the thin air has affected my thinking...maybe so. But at this point in my life, I'd like to think the Lord has burdened my heart with so much of what is happening in the church today. I've been in ministry for 31 years...most of that was in media. This web site is a part-time ministry, which I maintain when I have time to do so.

When it is possible, I devote several hours a day in researching the contrast between current church trends and the Word of God. When I read someone else's work, I always want to know where they are 'coming from'. You know, the doctrine, the background, etc. So here's the list...

  • I'm theologically very conservative.
  • I'm not a Calvinist
  • I'm not an Armenian
  • I'm not a Charismatic
  • I'm not a Cessationist
  • I use the New American Standard Bible in study and teaching
  • In my Bible study, I use Vincent's, Robertsons, Discovery Bible (the NASB one by Gary Hill which is out of print), Interlinear Greek, Strongs, Halley's, and when I have to, I'll consult John MaCarthur and William MacDonald's commentaries.
  • I love churches that teach the Word expositorily, whether they are traditional or contemporary.
  • I like many styles of music.
  • I detest the commercialization of Christian books and music. I find the 'business' of worship music disgusting.
  • Those who authored the hymns were often better songwriters, and they got paid a whole lot less.
  • I play the acoustic guitar.
  • I prefer blue jeans to slacks, and t-shirts to ties.

So there you have what some might call, 'the essentials'. Actually, I believe the real essentials are much deeper than this list. When I stand before God some day, I shall only have Jesus Christ and the atoning work of the cross to stand behind. His grace is sufficient.

~ Scott

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"...I think it arises from a natural but carnal desire on the part of a gifted minority to bring the less gifted majority to heel and get them where they will not stand in the way of their soaring ambitions." A.W. Tozer
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