Get your Rapture hats ready, kiddies! The sky is falling, and our wise gift of nuclear winter will propel us all into the loving arms of the all-knowing and all-everywhere G-d.


  1. As for the corporations who were actually involved in 9/11, go here and read about Raytheons role, as portrayed throughout this message thread: 2006/ 09/ 06/ nbc-news-army-may-have-_n_28869.html?p=2#comments

    Comment by plunger — September 7, 2006 @ 11:58 am

  2. “Most people prefer to believe that their leaders are just and fair, even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because once a citizen acknowledges that the government under which he lives is lying and corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it. To take action in the face of corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones. To choose to do nothing is to surrender one’s self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice. Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all.”

    Michael Rivera

  3. Military’s Information War Is Vast and Often Secretive


    “The media center in Fayetteville, N.C., would be the envy of any global communications company …

    “The center is not part of a news organization, but a military operation, and those writers and producers are soldiers. The 1,200-strong psychological operations unit based at Fort Bragg turns out what its officers call “truthful messages” to support the United States government’s objectives, though its commander acknowledges that those stories are one-sided and their American sponsorship is hidden.

    “We call our stuff information and the enemy’s propaganda,” said Col. Jack N. Summe, then the commander of the Fourth Psychological Operations Group, during a tour in June. Even in the Pentagon, “some public affairs professionals see us unfavorably,” and inaccurately, he said, as “lying, dirty tricksters.” 2005/ 12/ 11/ politics/ 11propaganda.html?pagewa

    Comment by plunger — September 7, 2006 @ 12:01 pm

  1. Thanks plunger, I just emailed the whole crew at Scholastic & told them I’d stop my local school districts purchases of their products if they choose to abuse the trust we place in them by telling lies to our children.

    Comment by kindness — September 7, 2006 @ 12:26 pm


Michael Chertoff’s Cousin, Benjamin Chertoff, was involved in Government Sponsored Propaganda to disinform Americans about the facts of 9/11.


Popular Mechanics makes two NEW outrageous and unsupportable claims.

They claim that 25% of the south face of WTC 7 was “carved away” by falling debris from the collapse of the twin towers earlier in the day on 9/11 (a blatant lie FOR WHICH THERE IS NO PROOF)


They claim that DNA evidence recovered at Ground Zero confirms that the hijackers were on the planes – a TOTAL LIE.

When forced to explain where the investigators would have obtained prior DNA material with which to cross-reference purported DNA samples found in the rubble of 9/11, the Popular Mechanics Government Shill was SPEECHLESS and STAMMERING.


Popular Mechanics Debunking of 9/11 RIPPED TO SHREDS in radio interview.

Popular Mechanics wrote what government disinformation propagandists hold forth as the definitive debunking of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories. The magazine version has been released as a book, and whereas most publishers are eager to obtain interviews and PR in the Mainstream media to promote book sales, these publishers are CANCELING INTERVIEWS in the aftermath of this radio interview:

Is this why Popular Mechanics canceled some appearances? Listen to this MP3 file of Popular Mechanics on the Charles Goyette show in Phoenix. Charles has Research Editor Davin Coburn backpedaling big time. Pass this MP3 file to any one who is leaning on Popular Mechanics to support their continued belief in the official story. files/ audio/ A003I060823-am-c3.MP3 blog/ 911mythsblog/ 3697881.html

Comment by plunger — September 7, 2006 @ 12:37 pm

Michael Chertoff, appointed by President Bush to head the Homeland Security Department, may have shielded from criminal prosecution a former client suspected by law enforcement of having funneled millions of dollars directly to Osama Bin Laden while in charge of the U.S. Government’s 9.11 investigation.

“But in a hint of the gravity of his legal predicament, he was represented in court by Michael Chertoff, the former U.S. attorney in Newark and counsel to U.S. Sen. Alfonse D’Amato’s Whitewater investigation.” Link

Yes, the soon-to-be Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff represented a known bin Laden operative. Perhaps more troubling, Chertoff also headed the U.S.’s investigation into the September 11th attack. From the New Jersey Law Journal, August 4, 2003:

“The Sept. 11 investigation was supervised by Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff, head of the U.S. Criminal Justice Division, who is now a Third Circuit judge.” Link

More on Chertoff from the New Yorker, November 5, 2001:

“Since the September 11th terrorist attacks, Chertoff’s office has become the funnel for what is probably the most important criminal investigation in American history, as prosecutors and F.B.I. investigators pour in to seek the boss’s approval. What leads can we use from the search of a hijacker’s car in Portland, Maine? Where do the hijackers’ credit-card records lead?… For day-to-day decisions, Chertoff has the last word”… cgi-bin/ archive.cgi?read=66175


Was Homeland Security Behind Attack On 911 Investigative Journalist Bollyn?

Christopher Bollyn | September 1 2006 articles/ September2006/ 010906Bollyn.htm


BOLLYN’S ARTICLES ABOUT CHERTOFF AND MOSSAD: cgi-bin/ archive.cgi?read=66175 cgi-bin/ archive.cgi?read=68463 html/ ally_backs_assassination_netwo.html Bollyn-9-11-Controlling-the-Message.html



US Turned Down Hot Pre-911 Leads On KSM

The ‘Arrest’ Of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM)

Alleged 911 ‘Mastermind’

Who Was Pulling KSM’s Strings And Was He Really Arrested 1 March 2003?

What Is The US Government Trying To Hide In This Ongoing Mysterious Case?

“U.S. officials and insurance companies representing victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks are locked in an unusual legal standoff, stemming from the government’s refusal to admit it has the alleged mastermind of the attacks in custody. The insurance companies want the U.S. Justice Department to serve summonses and complaints on Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and other militants named as defendants in a lawsuit in federal court in New York City. But U.S. authorities said they have never officially acknowledged holding the men…. A spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office declined Friday to discuss the case.”

U.S. government blocks lawsuits by Sept. 11 victims

Pre-911 KSM Hot Leads Turned Down

“[In July 2000] A Muslim convert, [Australian Jack] Roche was prepared to become an informant, his attorney says, and provide information about Al Qaeda; its Southeast Asian affiliate, Jemaah Islamiah; and their goal of staging an attack in a Western country…. According to evidence presented in court, Australian and U.S. authorities bungled at least six chances to learn what Roche knew, including the whereabouts of alleged terrorist mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who, it is said, was even then plotting the Sept. 11 attacks. U.S. authorities had been trying to catch Mohammed since the mid-1990s. ‘He had their phone numbers,’ said Hylton Quail, Roche’s lawyer. ‘He had their e-mail addresses. He knew where they lived. He knew how they worked. He was like a spy who tried to come in from the cold and found the door was locked.’ cgi-bin/ artman/ exec/ view.cgi/ 4/ 4765

Comment by plunger — September 7, 2006 @ 12:59

  1. CNN continues to do its part for the US PROPAGANDA effort.

    In case you haven’t noticed - they continue to air “IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF BIN LADEN’ every single weekend.

    It’s all a lie.

    There is no Bin Laden.

    Prove that he exists.

    The FBI declines to include 9/11 in the list of charges for which he is WANTED and more importantly - refuses to authenticate the purported CONFESSION VIDEO that the US Government produced and distributed as propaganda to support their Military Coup.

    Have you actually LOOKED at the person in the fake Bin Laden video?

    The FBI declines to confirm its authenticity.

    Top Bin Laden Expert: The Tapes are Fakes
    Kevin Barrett

    As a PhD in Islamic and Arabic Studies, I hate to say this, but I’ll say it anyway. The events of 9/11 had nothing to do with Islam. The war on terror itself is as phony as the latest “Bin Laden tape.”

    Compare the nose of the actor in the video tape with that of Bin Laden:

    This is NOT BIN LADEN.

    Repeat this information often.



    Comment by plunger — September 7, 2006 @ 1:04 pm

  1. There’s some PDFs of articles written by Will Pitt debunking ABC’s mockumentary here: discuss/ duboard.php?az=view_all&address=364×2067300

    Great if you want to print out some leaflets to leave around your area…

    Comment by StefanX — September 7, 2006 @ 1:09 pm

  2. “The series, which cost almost $40 million, is to be broadcast without commercials, but Ms. Hartman said this had been planned, as a public service, and had nothing to do with any pressure that might have been brought on prospective advertisers.”


    F A K E

    N E W S

    “You can’t tell any more the difference between what’s propaganda and what’s news.”

    FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein
    15 August, 2006 stories/ 2006/ 08/ 16/ national/ main1900602.shtm

    Karl Rove INVENTED the White House Iraq Group (WHIG) for one purpose. TOTAL MESSAGE CONTROL.

    Rove is a genious…an evil genious.

    He can only be effective when he knows literally everything. He is the REALITY CREATION ARCHITECT.

    At any given time he can take a set of actual facts and use each of them to stitch together a totally false reality.

    Rove knew that the truth was the enemy of their conspiracy to conquer the Middle East (the PNAC plan). His job, every single day, is to convince you, me and the rest of the world that you didn’t just see and hear what you just saw and heard…or if you did, it doesn’t mean what your logical mind is attempting to tell you - because “we’re in a post-9/11 world now” and black is white.

    Karl Rove is the single most destructive force in the US Government…the enabler of the entire evil scheme…THE ARCHITECT.

    The scheme includes 9/11 as the essential pretext. “9/11″ … how clever, Karl! Only someone with American sensibilities would select the number we have all memorized to call in the event of life threatening emergency as the date for this evil….


    The war plan to invade Iraq was written BEFORE 9/11. The Secret Energy Task Force meetings that Cheney had with Ken Lay and the other OIL HOGS during which they all decided how to divide up the oil fields of the Middle East…all of that was BEFORE 9/11.

    Now you see why Cheney insisted the substance of those talks remain SECRET.

    All of their schemes and conspiracies REQUIRED 9/11 as the essential trigger.

    Cheney outsourced the implementation of the FALSE FLAG OPERATION to Mossad…the FALSE FLAG experts. This explains why over 200 Mossad agents were operating in the United States prior to 9/11. This explains why five of them were arrested, having been observed filming the planes hitting the towers and their subsequent collapse - celebrating our worst nightmare.

    9/11 was not a bad day for those involved in the Conspiracy. It was their shining moment…their PRETEXT.

    One of them washed out…couldn’t cope with the guilt. Ari Fleisher had to be replaced, and disappeared. Not dead, but out of sight.

    The outing of Plame was designed to destroy the best WMD intelligence the US had at its disposal regarding Iraq. Plame knew for a FACT that Iraq had no WMD. It was HER JOB to know. Therefore Rove perceived Plame (the truth) as his WORST ENEMY, and conceived of a plan to silence her. Rove is the individual who insisted that Wilson be sent to Niger.


    This was the only way to launch a smear program which appeared to be aimed at Wilson, but was intended solely to shut down the entire Brewster Jennings operation and bury their WMD evidence.


    He invented WHIG:

    The group’s members included Rove, Bush advisor Karen Hughes, Senior Advisor to the Vice President Mary Matalin, Deputy Director of Communications James Wilkinson, Assistant to the President and Legislative Liaison Nicholas Calio, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley and I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

    Every single one of these individuals is a co-conspirator in a concerted effort to defraud America into committing its troops and its treasure to invade a foreign country to the sole benefit of BIG OIL AND ISRAEL.

    The pending invasion of Iran is the next phase of the very same conspiracy. Karen Kwiatkowski let us know that Larry Franklin had set up an IRAN desk in the midst of the Pentagon’s IRAQ planners. Larry Franklin has pled guilty for passing Top Secret Iranian Intelligence to AIPAC (Israel). Israeli Generals were free to come and go from the Cheney/Rumsfeld Office Of Middle East Invasion whenever they pleased, without need to sign the guest register.


    9/11 - Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Syria.


    A “New Pearl Harbor” was a REQUIREMENT for its implementation.

    Rove is running the entire PsyOps Machine to enable it.

    Hang them for TREASON. 2006/ 01/ propaganda.html…

    But whereas Hitler was a true master of propaganda, and his minister a far less talented functionary, today the situation is reversed: our propaganda minister is the master, and our leader his functionary. Karl Rove is so confident of his strategy that he now announces it to the public! In January of this year,

    Rove noted that we face “a ruthless enemy” and “need a commander in chief and a Congress who understand the nature of the threat and the gravity of the moment America finds itself in.”

    Here’s more:

    “[T]he people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

    – Karl Rove (oops!) Hermann Goering

    Karl Rove had advance knowledge of EVERY TERROR ALERT since Bush took office in 2000.

    Because he creates them.

    “T H E

    A R C H I T E C T”

    O F

    T E R R O R

    I S

    K A R L

    R O V E


    Comment by plunger — September 7, 2006 @ 1:10 pm

  1. Shame, shame, shame, ABC (Absolutely Buffaloed Cowards), you are going down, and this weak attempt to appease the White House, Republicans, and Fox News will go down in history as a joke on you. I’ll tell you why, Fox News will still be calling you liberals after your attempted butt kissing has become a faded memory.

    Comment by koolhandluke — September 7, 2006 @ 12:40 pm

    Thank You for nailing that, it’s nauseating to see these media outlets prostrate themselves endlessly for this President whenever possible-W’s Neglectfully Malign response immediately after Katrina being one of those occasions reality couldn’t be spun away to Karl Rove’s liking

    This Administration constantly plays everyone for idiots of the most blithering variety, ESPECIALLY their wingnut of theological thugs like Dobson, Loony Moonie, Rod “Sprig Of” Parsely, all the US Taliban who would rather hear hateful rhetoric about homosexuals than see this nation’s numerous security shortcomings against terrorist attacks actually strengthened logically and competently

    The wingnuts still refuse to see that anytime this Administration has to choose between it’s social conservative base and it’s business base, it ALWAYS goes with the $$$$$

    And the media is just as willing to be blatantly lied to as well, as was pointed out, this Administration will always be quick to play the “liberal” label against even the most obsequious of media outlets & news operations-FOX excluded, as it’s as much a part of this Administration as W & Cheney are-Tony Snow is perfect proof that FOX considers W’s agenda as it’s agenda as well, and both will always be advanced together no matter how unpopular a decision W makes that will infuriate the GOP base-most notably on immigration-FOX will give vent to unhappy neocons bashing W, but W will have no shortage of FOX defenders either


    As we see now, this agenda is running up against a confluence of anger, undeniable reality, and domestic and foreign allies now distancing themselves from this Administration

    And it’s ALL happening leading up to the elections, just the scenario that FOX, Rove & W fear the most

    That this propaganda is running into more problems by the day for ABC certainly won’t help W sell his most-cherished self-mythology, that he’s keeping the public any safer from terrorism now than he did on Sept 11, or that he’s actually waging any kind of real, competent & effective anti-terrorist efforts

    It’s time to do exactly what Karl Rove would do to a dazed & reeling political enemy, and that’s go for the finish by turning the opponent’s strength into an obvious weakness that in this case puts the US public at greater risk of another terrorist attack

    Here’s a great article to start with

    Government misses dozens of security deadlines since Sept. 11

    The Bush administration has missed dozens of deadlines set by Congress after the Sept. 11 attacks for developing ways to protect airplanes, ships and railways from attacks.

    A plan to defend ships and ports from attack is six months overdue. Rules to protect air cargo from infiltration are two months late. A study on the cost of giving anti-terrorism training to federal law enforcement officers who fly commercially was supposed to be done more than three years ago.


    A law signed by President Bush on Nov. 25, 2002, set a July 1, 2004, deadline for ships and ports to tighten security amid fears that nuclear weapons might be smuggled in a cargo container.

    The Coast Guard largely accomplished the undertaking. But much still remains undone: A report on how a grant program for shippers and ports would work is more than a year late; a report on cargo container security is eight months overdue; a national security plan for marine transportation is well past its April 1 due date.

    That article is almost a year old, so consider that when calculating just how badly this Administration has missed meeting these deadlines

    As we’ve seen with the 9-11 attacks, and W’s response to Katrina’s immediate aftermath, “Protecting The US Public” is NOT a realistic objective when it comes to this President, Administration, GOP, or it’s media whores & outlets

    Let’s give Rove what he wants, to run on W’s National Security Record, it’s the easiest strategy to show them both up as the liars they are

    Comment by KingCranky — September 7, 2006 @ 1:45 pm

  1. But to think that OBL is a creation of Bush, you’d have to also believe that Bill Clinton was in on the conspiracy, and what would his motivation have been for that?

    Don’t know how many times I have to type this, but I will continue to do so.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton are part of the Carlyle group, just like the Bushes are. The Carlyle Group is a war profiteering think tank. It is in Clinton’s wallets best interest to have a boogey man.

    Ever wonder why Clinton and daddy Bush are so good of friends now.

    Do you forget George H. W. Bush’s famous “New World Order” speech?

    Bill Clinton is part of that New World Order.

    Stop thinking of the government as being blue and red. It is more of a purple color.

    Comment by Spudge_Boy — September 7, 2006 @ 2:30 pm

  2. #68 - “Sorry, friend, but your criticism of TP’s “obsession” with this issue seems a bit, um, shrill. I suspect - and I don’t mean to be presumptuous here - that you’d feel exactly the same way if Scholastic was peddling some left-wing diatribe to your kids. (And you’d be 100% right, by the way.)”
    Comment by Dave von Ebers

    ********Dear DaveESQ - What amazing and perceptive powers you have, counselor!!! To detect shrill!!!! I am impressed! I know that the dedicated staff here at TP have found very few topics outside the “Path to 9/11″, but I’m certian THAT is a coincidence. Your telepathic abilities must be a true aid in litigation…..

    School districts have been shoving a one-sided liberal/socialist agenda down the throats of kids for years. (Do a little research on John Dewey -”father of modern Education” and secular humanist extraordinnaire.) The public schools DO NOT have to utilize Scholastic Book Service - unfortunately, TOO many parents are forced to utilize horrible public schools.


    Comment by mighty aphrodite — Septe

What’s surprising to me is that Disney’s new largest shareholder, well-known for his support of democratic and Democratic principles, has not put a stop to this nonsense. I’m talking aobut Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs, who sold Pixar to Disney this year. Steve! Do the right thing! Stop this swift-boat garbage from soiling our airwaves!

Comment by ToddA — September 8, 2006


It truly is, especially Christian-Fascism, although the plain old fascism and Islamofascism aren't bad either.
By: HumeSkeptic on September 06, 2006 at 11:56pm

There is no other variety. Fascism always goes hand in hand with the church. Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, Pinochet...all devout Christians. Islamofascism is a GOP invention to distract the attention from their own fascism.

By: amanda85 on September 07, 2006 at 01:42am
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Funny, everyone in the shipping business looks down on Raytheon as a piece of crap.

JVC, Sperry and Furuno are far superior.

It sure helps when you pay off the buyers. Then they'll buy any junk you produce.

By: totalliberal on September 07, 2006 at 02:26am
Flag: [abusive]

Found this about a fifth of the way down: 9/11 - Five Raytheon employees are on three of the four hijacked planes.
More: CNN correspondent Jamie McIntyre reporting live from the Pentagon says that there's no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the building.
Even More: Within minutes of the explosion at the Pentagon, the FBI confiscates security videos that had captured the crash from a nearby gas station and hotel.
Plenty more there, for curious minds. The brain-dead need only chant conspiracy, or Mayor McCheese.
By: EtJ on September 07, 2006 at 12:17am


Nice heads up for anyone reading about RAYTHEON. By: spiritquest on September 07, 2006 at 02:43am


  1. Put this in your favorite search engine:
    ABC CIA “Capital Cities”

    Comment by Mezz — September 8, 2006 @ 1:51 pm

  2. It is a sign of how misquided, blind and just plain stupid way too many Americans really are that a recent poll showed that 47% still believe Saddam Hussein is responsible for the 911 attacks on the US.
    Wake up America. Bush and his cronies are a bunch of war mongering capitalist that are killing American service people for their own wealth and political gain.

Anyone who read Bamford’s “A Pretext for War” should know he tried to tell the world what was going on a long time ago. That was one of the most informative books I’ve ever read about the Bush Administration’s lies to promote this illegal war. Read it if you haven’t already. He reported, at the time, ground breaking news no one else had the balls to report.

Comment by Jamie — September 8, 2006

  1. [comment 100] Let’s be clear about this. I worked on the project and closely with the FBI agent–Tom Nicoletti- who “advised” us. He’s a psycho. He quit, thankfully, before any scenes involving serious FBI material was shot. His replacement, a respected agent, told us stories of Tom’s rogue behavior when he was an agent. Apparently, Tom had one desire–to kill someone. At some point he got his wish. Tom did not quit half way through the project–he did so after two weeks because no one was paying attention to him. Why??? Because we weren’t shooting FBI scenes!!!!

    Everyone seems to want a piece of this show–Democrats, Rebublicans, Barbarba Bodine, a psychotic ex-FBI agent. The truth is–two administrations screwed up. The intelligence community screwed up. A lot of people died. Stop trying to lay blame and take some responsibility. That is the point of the show. And anyone who hasn’t seen the entire show has no right to make a comment on it.

    Finally, Bamford should look deep into his soul if he calls Tom Nicoletti a friend.

    Comment by James — September 9, 2006 @ 12:12 am

  1. [101]Wow! So much extraneous discussion of a little movie about the recreation of an event contrived to appear real wrong. What kind of nihilistic little minds would conspire to depict the human race in so incompetent a light? Hmmm, must be those darned cornunists hell bent on turning the world into a peoples republic of cornrades! I think I’ll watch a factual mockumentary like “This is Spinal Tap” for some real intelligence. A whole lot less cornfusing. Thing about it…

    Comment by Urthly — September 9, 2006 @ 2:45 am

  2. [102]  “One thing ABC doesn’t need to worry about: advertiser defections. Net decided to air the five-hour mini sans commercials after failing to find an appropriate sponsor for the project” (Daily Variety, Sept. 5).

    This is all you need to know about ABC’s intentions. Follow the money. This is costings them millions, in loss of advertising sales and in the cost of the production itself. And companys just don’t do that unless they have a different sort of agenda - one other than it’s stated intention of making its stockholders money. Just follow the money trail…

    Comment by MA — September 9, 2006

Found this about a fifth of the way down: 9/11 - Five Raytheon employees are on three of the four hijacked planes.
More: CNN correspondent Jamie McIntyre reporting live from the Pentagon says that there's no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the building.
Even More: Within minutes of the explosion at the Pentagon, the FBI confiscates security videos that had captured the crash from a nearby gas station and hotel.
Plenty more there, for curious minds. The brain-dead need only chant conspiracy, or Mayor McCheese.
By: EtJ on September 07, 2006 at 12:17am


Nice heads up for anyone reading about RAYTHEON.

By: spiritquest on September 07, 2006 at 02:43am
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found this when I looked up Ratheon and people from company dying on September 11th, 2001.

By: spiritquest on September 07, 2006 at 02:57am
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• 9/11 - Five Raytheon employees are on three of the four hijacked planes.

Flight 11: "Peter Gay, 54, Tewksbury, Massachusetts - Raytheon Co. vice president of operations for electronic systems based in Andover, Massachusetts. He had worked for Raytheon for more than 28 years." -

"While most of the children stayed in the area when they grew up, the second oldest, Peter, moved north of Boston to become a plant manager for Raytheon. But he stayed close to his family, spending summers with them on Cape Cod. And he never forgot the attention to spit and polish, in his work or play. "It doesn't shine itself," he'd reply when people admired the condition of his vintage car.
Mr. Gay, who would have turned 55 this month, was commuting to California, where he'd been asked to increase production at a Raytheon plant producing a new military radar system. The plant had been producing five systems a day and the goal was nine; when Mr. Gay boarded Flight 11 for his weekly commute on Sept. 11, production was up to 14." -

"David P. Kovalcin, 42, Hudson, New Hampshire - Raytheon Co. senior mechanical engineer for electronic systems in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. He had worked for Raytheon for 15 years." -

"Mr. Kovalcin, 42, was a passenger on Flight 11, on a business trip for Raytheon, where he was a senior mechanical engineer. Mrs. Kovalcin said they had carved out a "Father Knows Best" kind of life, with him coming home at six every evening, choosing to know his family well rather than to work longer hours for more money.
She remembers that her husband had trouble sleeping two nights before his departure. "He woke me up at 3 a.m., and said 'I'm pacing the house. I can't sleep,' " she said.
"I rubbed his head and tried to calm him down. He was very distressed, but had no idea what it was. Then three days later I remembered, and thought, 'Holy cow, I wonder what that was about.' "
The morning he left home he had written a note for his family: "Rebecca, Marina and Mommy, I will miss everybody very much. See you Friday night." At the end he added, "I fed the dogs but not the fish." -

"Kenneth Waldie, 46, Methuen, Massachusetts - Raytheon Co. senior quality control engineer for electronic systems in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. He had worked for Raytheon for 17 years." -

"Mr. Waldie, who lived in Methuen, Mass., had two other children: Andrew, 24, and Jeff, 21. A senior quality control engineer at Raytheon, he was headed to California on a business trip.
Around work, his colleagues referred to him as "911," because of his generosity whenever someone needed help. His favorite number happened to be 11, and he was on Flight 11 when it crashed on the 11th." -

Flight 175: "Herbert W. Homer, 48, Milford, Mass. - Corporate executive, Raytheon Co." -

"Herb W. Homer of Milford, an official with the US Department of Defense, was killed Tuesday when United Airlines Flight 175 crashed in New York. He was 48.
Mr. Homer served as a US official coordinating government work by Raytheon Co. in Burlington. He began his 27-year federal career at the Defense Contract Management Agency's Raytheon office in 1974.

A member of First Congregational Church of Milford, he worked on several church committees and volunteered in the church nursery." -

"The Department of Defense announced today that Herbert W. Homer, a civilian employee of the Defense Contract Management Agency, was among the passengers aboard United Airlines Flight # 175, which crashed into the World Trade Center. He was previously listed in error as unaccounted at the Pentagon." - DoD (09/15/01)

Flight 77: "Stanley Hall, 68, Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. - director of program management, Raytheon Co." -

"Stan Hall, 68, was on board the American Airlines Flight 77, Tuesday, September 11, that crashed into the Pentagon. He was born in Arlington, Virginia, and attended Washington Lee High School. In 1953, Stan was drafted into the Army and served for two years during the Korean War. He graduated from George Washington University with a Bacheolor in Engineering in 1959 and a Masters from Drexell University in 1963.
Stan was an active member of the South Bay Church of God for 11½ years. He was a Sunday School teacher and on the Board of Trustees.
He left his home in Rancho Palos Verdes six years ago to work at Raytheon's Washington DC facility, where he was director of program management. He was on his way to the company's operations in Goleta.
Stan, a 17 year veteran of the company formerly known as Hughes, helped develop and build anti-radar technology.
"He was our 'dean' of electronic warfare, and his objective was always to the protection of the American servicemen," colleaques remembered.
On November 13, 5001 Army Brigadier General Edward M. Harrington, Director of the Defense Contract Management Agency, on the behalf of President Bush awarded the Defense of Freedom Medal to Stan Hall as well as 3 other Raytheon employees. The medal was to recognize civilian Deparment of Defense employees killed Sepember 11, 2001. It is the equalivant to the Purple Heart for civilains." -

Raytheon Employees Lost to the Sept. 11 Tragedy Awarded Defense of Freedom Medal
"Army Brigadier General Edward M. Harrington, director of the Defense Contract Management Agency, awarded the Defense of Freedom Medal, the civilian equivalent of the Purple Heart, to the families of the Raytheon employees who died in the Sept. 11 tragedy: Peter Gay of Tewksbury, Mass., Stanley Hall of Clifton, Va., David Kovalcin of Hudson, N.H., and Kenneth Waldie of Methuen, Mass., in a ceremony held at Raytheon's Andover, Mass., facility.

Herb Homer, a Defense Contract Management Agency defense corporate executive assigned to Raytheon, was also awarded the Defense of Freedom Medal. The medal, created to recognize and honor civilian employees of the Department of Defense who were killed or wounded during the terrorist attacks, can be awarded to non-Defense employees based on their involvement in DoD activities at the discretion of the Secretary of Defense." - Raytheon; PRNewswire (10/13/01)

September 11 Remembrance
"I will always remember what it felt like when I learned that we had four people on those planes: Peter Gay, Stan Hall, Dave Kovalcin, and Ken Waldie. We lost other colleagues as well: Herb Homer of the Defense Contract Management Agency, who was assigned to Raytheon and worked side-by-side with us for many years, and three PricewaterhouseCoopers associates working on the Raytheon account." - Raytheon

(See also: September 6, 2001 - Raytheon and the U.S. Air Force demonstrate new technology aircraft precision approach and landing system; September 10, 2001 - Wife of David Kovalcin said her husband woke her up in the middle of the night complaining he couldn't sleep and that he seemed "very distressed" but she didn't know why; Killtown's: Flight 77 unusual passengers)

By: spiritquest on September 07, 2006 at 03:10am
Flag: [abusive]

More snouts in the taxpayer coffers ...


The pot and the kettle*

Washington scores own goal vis-à-vis Iran

By Paul J. Balles**
1 September 2006


Paul J. Balles argues that the USA's rejection of the Iranian president's offer to hold a televised debate with George W. Bush casts doubt on Washington's case concerning Iran's nuclear plans and its position on a number of global issues.

Fear not those who argue but those who dodge. - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

How can an offer to hold a televised debate be a "diversion" from anything? Yet, that's what the White House has said about President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's challenge to George W. Bush.

"Talk of a debate is just a diversion from the legitimate concerns that the international community, not just the US, has about Iran's behaviour, from support to terrorism to pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said.

There was a time when "spin doctors" could at least make their flimflam appear reasonable. The balderdash that now comes out of Washington doesn't even pretend to appeal to reason.

A reasonable response to the challenge by Iran's president would be to accept the challenge out of a sincere desire to expose whatever deception the USA is convinced that Iran is guilty of.

When challenging President Bush for a televised debate, The Iranian president said, at a news conference in Tehran, that he wanted to give the public in the United States and elsewhere a chance to listen to the Iranian views on a number of global matters.

Are the neo-conservatives in Washington afraid of a public airing of Iran's views? Americans keep boasting about liberties and freedoms, including free speech. What are we afraid that the world might hear if an Iranian were to speak freely?

"The debate should go uncensored in order for the American people to be able to listen to what we say and they should not restrict the American people from hearing the truth," said Iran's president.

Why doesn't President Bush take Ahmadinejad to task by challenging the Iranian position on developing nuclear power and Iran's presumed desire to develop nuclear weapons? Why wouldn't he welcome the opportunity to show Americans and the rest of the world that they have a legitimate concern about Iran's support for terrorism and pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability?

If he thought he had a case, President Bush could easily use such a debate to rally American and global public opinion behind him. He might even convince other Arab countries that Iran is the miscreant.

The fact that Bush has his stooges deceiving the public about Iran's offer to debate publicly makes it pretty clear that Washington's case concerning not only Iran's nuclear plans but Iran's position on "a number of global matters" is less than convincing.

If Iran's president clearly lost such a debate, Ambassador Bolton, President Bush's rotweiler at the UN, should have no difficulty convincing the Security Council to approve sanctions.

If sanctions weren't enough to gain compliance by Iran with the world's position on Iranian nuclear development, a televised debate won by President Bush would almost assure approval of almost any action the US might take to reign in Iran's nuclear ambitions.

With the irrational spin about how Iran's offer is a diversion, the US refusal to entertain such a challenge becomes clearly the real diversionary tactic. But then Washington's spin doctors are experts at diversions.

The pot has been caught calling the kettle black. Not only that; just as Hezbollah whipped one of the strongest militaries in the world, Ahmadinejad has scored a victory over Bush without ever taking the podium


*The idiom "The Pot Calling The Kettle Black" is to say something about someone else which you are guilty of yourself.
**Paul Balles is a retired American university professor and freelance writer who has lived in the Middle East for 38 years. For more information, see and

« A Festival of Gullibility | Main | Osama with the 9/11 Hijackers? »

Big B and the Hijack Teams

Al-Jazeera airs a pre-9/11 bin Laden tape that shows him meeting with the alleged hijackers. I think this is far more credible than anything the 9/11 Truth Movement (yawn) has thus far surfaced. And just as a side note (I plan on writing more about this soon), I think the objective of the Truth Movement is valid: seeking the truth. But come on, really they are just pushing conspiracy theories about what they know for a FACT to have happened that horrible day.

Of course there are plenty of unanswered questions to uncover. But it has more to do with negligence (read James Ridgeway's latest book) than the a government intent on killing innocent people so they can grab some more oil in the Middle East.

Yes, they are partially after oil. No, there is no hard evidence which shows that our government (sic) flew commercial airliners into the WTC or hailed a missile in to the Pentagon. And even if the Truth Movement turns out to be correct (it never will), that still won't get us out of Iraq. In fact, it would stop absolutely nothing. So undercover the mystery about JFK while you are all at it. It won't bring the asshole back from the dead.

--Joshua Frank


briefly:  Too bad you see merit in the spin, er, 'frame' that we are so knee deep in truths-- that one or two more don't really matter that much.
That might certainly keep us from falling off the edge of the world as we know it.

Your blip from al-jazeera does not rest my mind that hidden explosives were not involved in helping bring the three Manhattan buildings down.
The 9/11 Truth Movement (as it is conspiratorially called) is an interesting phenomenon to be sure-- full of its serious, soulful, and crackpot constituents-- a model for a more cohesive and results-producing Left?

I like what Jennifer Van Bergen says in this interesting program:

The conversation with her at Electric Politics is not about 9/11 per se--
it is rather about seeing how all the pieces to our country's current malaise start fitting together when we open our eyes.

"But it has more to do with negligence (read James Ridgeway's latest book) than the a government intent on killing innocent people so they can grab some more oil in the Middle East."------Joshua Frank

Joshua, after all we've lived through since 2000 I swear you still don't seem to have a clue who these Bush Crime Family people are. They have and will do ANYTHING to accomplish their goals AND to stay in power. Period. Most of what they have accomplished since 2000 HAS BEEN BASED ON 9-11, particularly the passage of the USAPATRIOT Act which shreds the US Constitution. That does not have a damn thing to do with oil. That helps to install the Bush Dictatorship. How can you not see that? (Because you don't want to?).

You sound so goddamn naive to me.
You write "it has more to do with negligence (read James Ridgeway's latest book) than the a government intent on killing innocent people so they can grab some more oil in the Middle East."

"Negligence" eh? Sigh! Joshua, this pro-war, pro-death Bush regime has no respect for life of any kind. How many innocent people have they killed and are continuing to kill in Afghanistan? In Iraq? In you name it? They have already killed thousands and thousands more than died on 9-11! That was just their warm-up for goodness' sakes!

I firmly believe that the Bush regime/PNAC neocons had some role in 9-11 (the new "Pearl Harbor" written about on page 51 of PNAC). Have you even read PNAC? The subject is global empire building and world domination by the Bush regime. The Bush regime either helped to engineer 9-11 or allowed it to happen for their political gain and they have gained a hell of a lot which goes waaaaaaaaaay beyond oil. They immediately launched their PNAC agenda following the "new Pearl Harbor" of 9-11. 9-11 gave them an "excuse" to launch PNAC. PNAC is the blueprint of the illegitimate Bush regime. Meanwhile, with the help of the Republicrats they have shredded democracy in this country. It's all been based on 9-11. Terror, terror, terror. Make the gullible people afraid of their own shadow! That's all we hear is terror, terror, terror. War, war, war. Civil liberties infringements and strip people of their constitutional rights.


The Bush regime have been and are building concentration camps (which they call detention camps). But don't take my word for it:

I meant to include the signatories to PNAC in my previous post:

Elliott Abrams
Gary Bauer
William J. Bennett
Jeb Bush
Dick Cheney
Eliot A. Cohen
Midge Decter
Paula Dobriansky (this writer at the link below thinks she will be Bush's nominee to replace Bolton; not that Bolton is going anywhere since Dictator Bush can do another recess appointment of Bolton)

PNAC signatories continue...

Steve Forbes
Aaron Friedberg
Francis Fukuyama
Frank Gaffney
Fred C. Ikle
Donald Kagan
Zalmay Khalilzad
I. Lewis Libby
Norman Podhoretz
Dan Quayle
Peter W. Rodman
Stephen P. Rosen
Henry S. Rowen
Donald Rumsfeld
Vin Weber
George Weigel
Paul Wolfowitz

After seeing this list which includes Cheney, Rumsfeld, Libby, Wolfowitz, you tell me 9-11 was due to "negligence?" LOL.

And of course the Bush Crime Family wouldn't even be in the White House in the first damn place if it wasn't for, in part, the 2000 election being stolen in Jeb "I'm a signatory to PNAC" Bush's state of Florida. How convenient is that? I'm sure it's just "negligence," aren't you?


A Festival of Gullibility

That "festival of gullibility" predicted by Martin Amis has apparently dawned, as Zogby finds that almost a third of all Democrats -- and nearly 40 percent of Independents, along with of course, 65 percent of Republicans -- believe Saddam Hussein was connected to the 9/11 attacks.

--David V.

esults 1 - 20 of about 19,600 for ABC CIACapital Cities”. (0.35 seconds) 

ABC and the rise of Rush Limbaugh

In 1985, ABC was taken over by Capital Cities, a conservative, Roman Catholic media organization with extensive ties to the CIA. ... - 15k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter

The Origins of the Overclass

Another founder was CIA businessman Thomas Dewey. By 1985, Capital Cities had grown so powerful that it was able to buy an entire TV network: ABC. ... - 59k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter

Media Cover-up

During this time, Capital Cities Communications was maneuvering to buy ABC. [CIA Director] Casey was one of the founders of Cap Cities. ... - 41k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter

Central Intelligence Agency - The New York Times - Narrowed by ...

Casey Stake in Capital Cities. William J. Casey, the Director of Central Intelligence, ... Times Select Content ABC SAYS CIA SEEKS TO SUPRESS REPORTING ... - 57k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter

Robert A. Iger News - The New York Times

The board of Capital Cities/ ABC Inc. named Robert A. Iger as president and ... New Questions About Inquiry in CIA Leak · Highly Enriched Uranium Is Found ... - 47k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter
[ More results from ]

Democratic Underground Forums - Myth of Liberal Media

Even though ABC/Capital Cities was acquired by Disney in the nineties, it's a safe bet that the CIA has not been cut out of the picture. ... - 34k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter


ABC has been owned since 1985 by Capital Cities. One of the founders of Capital Cities was Ronald Reagan's director of the CIA, the infamous William Casey. ... - 7k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter - cia media.txtFollowing that lead I found that many of Capital Cities founders were also formerly ... In other words, ABC was owned by the CIA during the Gulf War and ... - 19k -

Think Progress » ABC Refuses to Provide Copies of Path to 9/11 to ...

... with hurt and embarrassment, or to freeze out, even a behemoth like ABC-Capital Cities-Disney. ... How many FBI and CIA Operatives work inside ABC NEWS? ... - 150k - Sep 7, 2006 - Cached - Similar pages - Filter

What's Hiding In GW's Cabinet?

GW's father was made CIA director in 1976. Shortly after creating the ... By 1985 Casey's Capital Cities had so much cash it was able to buy ABC and operate ... - 21k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter


COLBY'S agents, CIA William Shackley, CIA Thomas Clines, with Gen. ... "AMERIKA" CAPITAL CITIES-ABC, THE LAST TESTAMENT OF BRAIN DAMAGED- SMOM-WILLIAM CASEY ...,2,16,87.htm - 12k -

.../...Sign the petition to tell ABC not to air partisan propaganda on 9/11. Click here.

P.S. For the most current information on the scandal involving this film, and for more information on the movie itself, please visit our friends at ThinkProgress.

You know, whenever I start to get down and think that 99% of the world is worthless, I’m proven right. This is little more than an attempt to prime people for the November elections. Democrats caused 911?? What about the guy in the White House at the time? No blame for him? Making Dems look weak on terrorism is all the Republican party has left. Not that it’s a good ploy, because Republicans are horrible on terrorism. They’re good on looking good. That’s all.

This administration and The RNC has been using and exploiting 911 since it happened. Why stop there? Why not use the Holocaust too? Heck, throw in the bombing of Hiroshima. It’s a sales event and every tragedy must go!

Gaah. Every day, it gets worse in this country. Every day, I get more and more sick of the US and the vast majority of its inhabitants. It makes me sick to know that Gay Marriage is such a big topic, while real problems get ignored. It makes me sick that so many conservative christians support a man and administration that are so diametrically opposed to the teachings of Christ. I’ve had enough of this country, this administration, conservative christians and the like. Stick a fork in me, I am done.

And if any of you say something like “If you don’t like our country, move” to me, then I respond “Give me enough money to afford a move and I will. Tomorrow.”

  • Still, George Bush and Condoleezza Rice publicly stated that the US does not tolerate torture. You just don’t know.
  • YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED ON 9/11No one does.  There has been NO investigation into the events leading to the attacks of that day.  The Kean Commission looked only into the Intelligence failures. No independent agency has ever been appointed to look into the hundreds of unbelievable discrepancies, anomalies and inconsistencies of the official story created by the Bush administration.  There has been absolutely no evidence to support the official version of events; the public is simply expected to accept it without question.  Since 9/11, many highly credible people have come forward to challenge the government’s explanation with mounds of impressive evidence to support their claims.  They all have been ignored by the media and dismissed by you as conspiracy theorists. You just don’t know.
  • YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT THE IRAQ WAR WAS PLANNED LONG BEFORE 9/11! You probably never even heard of the Project for a New American Century and how many of its members, including Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld hold high positions in the Bush administration.  You DON’T know about PNAC because the media never exposed the plans they laid out in the late 1990’s for invading Iraq.  You DON’T know that they openly expressed the need for a ‘new Pearl Harbor’ in order to facilitate a war against Iraq.  How convenient for them that 9/11 provided them with just the ‘catastrophic and catalyzing event’ they needed. How convenient as well that they were able to lie to the people and the Congress to launch an illegal and immoral war. You just don’t know.
  • YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT YOUR GOVERNMENT SOLD YOU A WAR! You don’t know that Condoleezza Rice, Karl Rove and seven other people were part of the White House Iraq Group that was designed to you a war. Their job was to develop talking points and mantras such as ‘mushroom cloud’ that would hype the administration’s planned war against Iraq. You have no clue that the WHIG group set a carefully constructed terror trap to convince you and other Americans that invading a sovereign nation that had never threatened them would keep them safe.  You also don’t know that the Downing Street Minutes revealed beyond any doubt that George Bush and Tony Blair planned the war in Iraq and ‘fixed’ the intelligence information to gain your support. They knew all along that the WMD’s and nuclear programs never existed. You just don’t know.
  • YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT THE 2004 ELECTION WAS AS GREAT A FRAUD AS THE ELECTION OF 2000. You never heard about Congressman John Conyers’ official report about What Went Wrong in Ohio. You don’t know about Mark Crispin Millers explosive book about the 2004 election called Fooled Again. You don’t know about the brilliant Rolling Stone article by Robert F Kennedy Jr. entitled, Was the 2004 Election Stolen? You don’t know that hackers can manipulate all of the new touch screen electronic voting machines with little difficulty.  You have no clue that 80% of all votes in America are counted by only two companies: Diebold and ES&S, both of which have strong ties to the GOP. You don’t know that the new electronic machines have no paper trail to verify the tabulations, even though both companies make ATM machines, checkout scanners and ticket machines that easily generate receipts.  You don’t know how many people were intentionally and fraudulently disenfranchised in every election since 2000.  You just don’t know.
.../...President insists he has the authority to spy on Americans without a warrant from any court. And you surely don’t know that this same President insists he has greater power than any American president in history, and that as a result your Constitutional rights are in terrible jeopardy. You just don’t know.

There is so much more you don’t know.  This is the tip of the iceberg, the very tip.  We didn’t list the still secret Cheney energy meetings, the destruction of the environment, the manipulated reports about global warming, the horrendous national debt, or the rampant cronyism and corruption in the WH, among so much else. The above is an extremely short list, but for the sake of readability, it will have to do.

Tragically, what you DO know has come from the very people who see to it that you know ONLY what they want you to know. What you DO know has come from the corporate media sources that get their talking points from the very same people who want to keep you uninformed. What you DO NOT KNOW helps them to manipulate your opinions and to influence your political views.  What a disaster that is.

If you find your ignorance of the issues acceptable, go for it. If you find it abhorrent and totally opposed to the democratic concept of an informed electorate, forgive the discourteous nature of our reprimand and please, just shut up and listen.


First, understand that there is hope for you.  But also understand that it’s too late for courtesy or good manners.  This nation is rapidly approaching a dangerous brink which may take us all into an abyss from which we will not recover.  So, please take us very seriously. The solution lies in your willingness to just shut up and listen.

Shut up about things you know nothing about and get informed.  .../... 

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August 11, 2006

ListeningHere's a reasonably thorough briefing on the middle east from a fellow who was until recently one of the top analysts in the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research. In addition to a being a balanced assessment of the subject it's a rare window into how INR typically tots up its accounts. Wayne White is a very smart guy who isn't shy about his ethics—I found this conversation particularly invigorating and I hope Wayne returns periodically to talk with EP. Total runtime of an hour and thirteen minutes. Enjoy!


August 08, 2006

Palestinian ChildrenIn at least one fundamental respect JFK's speech on the press has become archaic: He didn't have in mind anything like today's corporate Frankenstein of a minuscule number of owners in control of the vast majority of mainstream media outlets. A Ministry of Propaganda, these days, would only get in the way of eager flacks leaping to do government's bidding. Exceptions, nevertheless, exist. On the inside, as chief middle east correspondent for ABC news for ten years, Charlie Glass was one of them; on the outside, as an independent writer and filmmaker he remains exceptional. In many ways he's very old-school, a type for whom the words discernment, class, taste, and decency were invented, but in certain critical respects he's ultra-modern, because he maintains an impartial sense of empathy, an ability to feel moral outrage on behalf of the dispossessed. Though we talk explicitly about the press in only a fraction of this conversation it's an implicit theme throughout: The collision of reality—Israel's riparian offensive—with our carefully structured 'official' narratives. Charlie manages, somehow, to get at the nub of things better than most. I am very pleased to bring you this conversation and I thank Charlie from the bottom of my heart. Total runtime of fifty minutes. Enjoy!


August 05, 2006

JFK and PaperHere's a speech that JFK gave to the American Newspaper Publishers Association, at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York, April 27, 1961. It's particularly interesting in comparison with his 1963 American University Commencement speech, because while JFK, in 1961, was still in the thrall of a Cold War mentality he shows abundant signs of breaking free: He hasn't quite gotten to the full-fledged radical idealism he ultimately found but you can see the wheels turning as he speaks. Though this speech starts out almost as though he'd taken a leaf from the "war on terror" playbook, which is very scary hearing it, as he works through his priorities he winds up at a completely different—indeed, opposite—conclusion than our robo-politicians find nowadays. Kennedy clearly operated at a much higher intellectual level, and even though he's passed away his words may remind us of how far we're being drawn backwards into pre-modern politics. Runtime of about nineteen minutes. Enjoy!


July 28, 2006

Insurgent FighterThere's a lot of buzz these days about 'Fourth Generation Warfare.' Frankly, I'm a little skeptical about how useful this abstract construct may be, but I recognize that it's got a lot of people thinking and I reckon that thinking about insurgency warfare is better than not thinking about it. For a perspective from the trenches from one of the more intellectual practitioners of the art, I turned to Colonel Thomas X. Hammes, USMC (ret.), author of The Sling and the Stone: On War in the 21st Century. Colonel Hammes, now reading for his Doctorate at Oxford, was very kind to take the time and to put up with my sometimes undiplomatic questioning. Runtime here of an hour and sixteen minutes. Enjoy!


July 25, 2006

Strivers RowHow often do you see an imaginative, incisive, and utterly original structural analysis of American political rhetoric? Not very. (Well, you may not be looking for them, but that's not the point.) Kevin Baker's recent article in Harper's is a jem, making a stunning observation that I dare say even the most diehard history buff will never have seen or thought of before. Though I may quibble with bits and pieces, he's definitely on to something that's an important part of the puzzle, and I'd suggest to those on the receiving end that they should do some brain-storming to come up with practical rhetorical antidotes. Beyond that, though, Kevin's a wickedly gifted writer, author of four novels which have received A-level critical acclaim. He's a widely ranging witness to the human condition with insights that cover the gamut—well worth paying attention to. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and hope to have Kevin back. As an exercise in 'notes from the field conversations,' and to expedite its publication here, I've given this one minimal editing. Total podcast runtime of an hour and four minutes. Enjoy!


July 21, 2006

GuantanamoWhen your government as a routine matter engages in torture, you're in trouble. It does affect you, and every other citizen. It should provoke outrage affect you, and every other citizen. It . We often ask why, during the Nazi era, more German clergy didn't speak out, as Karl Barth did. Or why greater numbers of ordinary Germans didn't speak out. I update such questions, in that form, with the Reverend Dr. George Hunsinger, Professor at Princeton Theological Seminary and founder of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture. When a gentle, brilliant and high-minded man like George Hunsinger, who because of his academic specialization is anchored in a tradition with a unique understanding of the Nazi example, begins to use that analogy to discuss moves towards a presidential dictatorship and the evolution of the Constitution into a dead letter, we must consider ourselves warned. Bringing considerable passion to these issues, Dr. Hunsinger also shows us a way out—a radical way out, possibly the most subversive I've heard. And it is an adventure to learn something about the on-going, fragile process of creating a national grass-roots campaign from scratch. It was very kind of Dr. Hunsinger to speak with me so candidly and for that I feel a real debt of gratitude. This podcast runs an hour and twenty two minutes. Listen twice, disseminate widely.


Essential reading on the willfull hurricane clusterfuck

Please go read this extensive post by LJer dogemperor with numerous media sources citing how FEMA is refusing help from reputable organizations, turning away people with boats and buses, telling the Red Cross to stay out of NOLA because if they feed and water people they won’t leave, and on and on and on. Not to mention Shrub setting up fake feeding stations which were torn down after the media circus moved on. (Potemkin village, anyone?)

People, this isn’t just disorganization. This is murder. Of our fellow Americans, by our government. When you’re done shouting expletives at the monitor, write your Congressmen and Senators. Send them these links. Demand the impeachment and criminal investigation of these officials who are playing cards and going shoe-shopping while people we care for are dying. People they swore to serve and protect. People who paid their fucking salaries with their hard-earned taxes.

Pretty much all of this community is essential reading. Go. Get enraged. Get involved. Get BushCo impeached and tried.

How do you shareholders feel about Disney’s new business model: Have a subsidiary (ABC) make a movie (Path to 9/11) at considerable expense ($40MM) that will be shown commercial-free, thereby generating zero revenue (and costing the company the $40MM outlay) while simultaneously alienating (albeit temporarily) about half the population? Sound viable?

Evangelicals lie?

Talking Points Memo

(September 08, 2006 — 03:10 PM EDT // link)

Director of 9/11 ABC doc tied to evangelical group trying to “impact and transform Hollywood from the inside out” with godly film makers.

– Josh Marshall

The stakes are really, really high


Time to Take Away Disney’s Political Candy

by Matt Stoller, Fri Sep 08, 2006 at 12:45:41 PM EST

… There is a window of time now for Mr. Iger to step up, an ‘apologize for Tylenol tampering’ moment.  He needs to cancel this miniseries, and take personal responsibility for inadequate oversight.  He should privately fire the people responsible for this total disaster of a project, and apologize.  That’s the only way to restore Disney’s brand among a large group of very angry people.  Be brave, be public, and be honorable.  It’ll work.

And what will happen if he doesn’t?  Well, it’s not just boycotts.  Those are probably going to happen, but that’s not what Iger has to worry about, or his corporate brethren. You see, Disney has a number of political objectives, as is obvious from the donor patterns of their corporate executives and their lobbying behavior.

One of them is the egregiously awful broadcast flag.  Disney is leading the effort to give Hollywood control over how your TV and TiVo are built and what you can do with programs you watch…

Another is copyright extensions, which Disney has used to keep its perpetual license on characters like Mickey Mouse, who should by now have fallen into the public domain…

And [the other] thing Disney wants is media consolidation.  Disney wants to buy everything, since media is seen as a scale business.  It’s pretty obvious to Democrats if this movie airs that Disney is not a responsible public steward of the airwaves it controls right now.  Why should they be allowed to engulf even more assets?  Like Creative Commons, the free media movement is growing rapidly, and it is a real movement that could receive a dollop of political power thanks to Disney’s exceptionally and impressively poor judgment…

Permalink |

Daily Kos

What Outrage against Disney/ABC Looks Like

by Hunter

Fri Sep 08, 2006 at 10:58:18 AM PDT

This is what public outrage looks like.  These are the first 120,000 petitions collected against Disney/ABC at, and more are coming. Understand that — one hundred twenty thousand petitions collected so far asking Disney to pull the plug on their now widely criticized, lie-riddled $40 million piece of 9/11 conservative fan fiction.

Disney Petitions at the DNC
To add your name, click here

It’s time for Disney to pull the plug. It’s time for George Mitchell, who serves as Disney’s Chairman, to insist that they pull the work for retooling or burning — or that he will resign in protest. It’s time for ABC head Bob Iger to step up to the plate and recognize that putting up 9/11 neoconservative porn is not simply a one-week outrage: 9/11 is still a fresh wound, in our country, Disney/ABC fictionalizing it for profit and partisanship is not OK, and the public will remember this.


ABC = Always Blame Clinton

All Hat No Cattle

Always Blame Clinton


UPDATE: Scholastic Responds To ABC’s “Path to 9/11″ Controversy

In a statement released late this afternoon, education publishing giant Scholastic announced it is permanently withdrawing the materials it originally created for classroom use in conjunction with “The Path to 9/11.” Materials that Media Matters for America first noted, was “rife with conservative misinformation.”

According to Scholastic Chairman, President and CEO Dick Robinson, the materials “did not meet our high standards for dealing with controversial issues.” New materials will be posted tomorrow. Additionally, the new materials will make clear Scholastic had no involvement in the development of “The Path to 9/11″ and that the company is not promoting the primetime mini-series.


Is anyone surprised?


U.S. paid anti-Castro journalists in Miami: paper

Fri Sep 8, 11:24 AM ET

At least 10 Florida journalists received regular payments from a U.S. government program aimed at undermining the Cuban government of Fidel Castro, The Miami Herald reported on Friday.

Total payments since 2001 ranged from $1,550 to $174,753 per journalist, according to the newspaper, which said it found no instance in which those involved had disclosed that they were being paid by the U.S. Office of Cuba Broadcasting.

That office runs Radio and TV Marti, U.S. government programs broadcast to Cuba to promote democracy and freedom on the communist island. Its programming cannot be broadcast within the United States because of anti-propaganda laws.

The Cuban government has long contended that some Spanish-language journalists in Miami were on the U.S. government payroll…

about ABC 911

about ABC 911 perfidy... Why do you stupid Americans put up with this shit? Go to ABC headquarters, trash the place. Go to your local mall, the disney store, trash the place. You know a local abc affiliate, go trash the place. OK, you may be arrested and jailed... ain't that the price of freedom? you're close to Anaheim or in FLA... trash the place. Throw rocks on anyone entering the parks. What's wrong with you Americans, always lecturing others about freedom, have you yourselves got what it takes to defend it? When are you gonna realize your vote and all that crap are outdated "quaint" concepts. Don't you see everything accelerating? Are you so oblivious to history that your don't know what the next step in the nazi playbook is? peaceful protests and boycotts won't do squat. You need to steamroll and kill. But do you have it in you to stand for Liberty? There is no other way. Anything else is utopia and wishful thinking or, as some would say "appeasement".



Who Dunnit

I can see 19 guys sitting around the mosque , when one says, "Those damned Americans have too much freedom, lets get some planes and crash them into their biggest buildings , and , oh yes the Pentagon and kill ourselves" By Allah , that will teach them they can't be going around being free like that. I just hate their freedom. The Pentagon , however, has an automatic missile defense system. Someone had to shut it down for the attack to take place. That limits the possible suspects a bit. The three WTC building were brought down by controlled demolition. That limits it a bit more. ( You may ask, whom am I going to believe, the government or my own eyes ? I believe my own eyes. The Emperor is naked ) It doesn't take more than a highschool physics class to know about free fall speed, and how there cannot be a free fall if there is resistance. Those hundred plus floors must have presented quite a bit of resistance. Doesn't one have to question the idea that the President did not want to have an investigation of the biggest terrrorist act to take place on American soil? That is peculiar , to say the least. There is so much , much more, but that is enough for me to know , that someone, somewhere in our government had a hand in the WTC attack. If not THE hand. Oh yes , and for those who say it was too big to keep quiet. Check out how our government handeled the Atomic bombs in Japan. Reporters were not allowed in. Two sneaked in ( one American and one Australian) and wrote about a mysterious illness (radiation sickness)that they saw everywhere , and our government confiscated the American reporters story, denied that there was any sickness and hired a reporter named Lawrence on the New York Times to tell their version of the story and refute the idea of any illness caused by Atomic bombs. Then for years any Japanese who survived the bomb was jailed if he spoke about it. It is all out in the open now. 60 years later. Are we going to wait 60 years for the truth about 9/11?

Canadian Production company

I'm afraid I may have helped provide some of the props for the shlockudrama being shown on ABC. I was contacted in June last year by a Disney subsidiary, UHP Productions in Canada doing a project on Bin Laden/ Al Qaeda. I sold them some old Afghan prayer rugs, tea sets, and Yemeni daggers. I sell Middle Eastern and Central Asian antiques and imports online which is how they found me. I Just thought you might like to see Producer Cyrus Nowrasteh’s favorite blow up fantasy. Google his bio. Just follow the link:

American Broadcast

American Broadcast Company? Right. The American Broadcast Company is owned by Disney. Disney is owned by the King of Arabia. The King of Arabia is Bush's BEST FRIEND. When he was a KID he was named PRINCE BANDAHR... Since his father died, he is now KING. The King of Arabia worked in concert with his childhood buddy, George Bush, to evacuate all Saudis from the USA after Sept 11, 2001, and has already proven that he will gladly help the Bush Family cover up the 911 attack details..... This film is further proof.... covering up the 911 attack details, muddying the water and putting forth an ANTI-Democratic SPIN on this story, BLAMING IT ON CLINTON INSTEAD OF TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR SCREWING UP!!!! They are timing this film to sway voters into their camp of loosers and incompetants. We have laws against purveying propaganda, as mentioned in Buzzflash's story today on the paying of "journalists" in Florida to plant anti Castro stories... and getting paid by the U.S. Government. This film is blatant propaganda and someone needs to file a complaint with BUSH's Dept of Justice... you remember his OTHER best friend... Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales... who was Bush's personal attorney in the White House, helping to orchestrate the (il)legalities of this entire mess. You can file a complaint with him. Of course, when it all goes to the Supreme Court for a final decision, Bush has THAT packed too, with his OTHER FRIEND, Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts... who "owes him one"..... and will always rule to the benefit of his "friend" George. You can complain to him. Our nation of laws has been ripped asunder by the Bush Crime Family and as long as we allow this mafia to run our country, we will continue to slide toward the abyss. I figure America has about 3 more years left in her life cycle.... which is the average for other democracies in history. Go ahead and stick you head in the sand and enjoy another phony fairy tale written and distributed by Disney and designed to divert you from the real world. Designed to keep your critical thinking skills asleep. After all it is so much more fun to be on a winning team, booing the other team, than it is to GET REAL. While Republicans relish in booing Democrats and continue to treat elections as a Bloodsport that they are winning; our country is being destroyed from beneath their feet. So much for the party of RESPONSIBILITY. I have yet to see these loosers take responsibility for anything ever. By the way, has anyone got an update on how the Halliburton Construction Company is doing on the construction of those prison camps in the heartland? You know, the ones with the sanitary vacuum seal body bag machines?

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