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Words LIE for Tyrants

Re: Our occupation of Iraq.

Posted by: "Steve Roffler"   sroffler2000

Thu Jun 22, 2006 6:31 pm (PST)

And I don't think that the use of the incorrect term, 'war' is an
idle point. Words are important and, as Hartman points out,
"The distinction between "war" and "occupation" is politically
critical for 2006 because wars can be won or lost, but
occupations most honorably end by redeployments. "

"If Democrats can succeed over the next three months in making it
clear to average Americans that the "War In Iraq" ended in 2003,
and that we're now engaged in an "Occupation Of Iraq," then
Democratic suggestions to end or greatly diminish the occupation
will take on a resonance and cogency that will both help them in
an election year, and help to bring our soldiers to safety and
Iraq to stability."

"On the other hand, if Democrats are perceived as pushing for
America to "lose the war in Iraq," they will be vilified and
damned by Republicans and many swing voters, and could thus lose
big in 2006." .... And so it is.

- Steve

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