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Stabbed through the Heart - And No Complaints??

June 28, 2006 at 08:12:19

Stabbed through the Heart - And No Complaints??

by Alex Wallenwein


America is dead.

She died at the hands of the press. No, not the liberal press. Those guys have been nibbling at the heels of America for too long, without much success.

The parties that are guilty in America's death are the Republican party and the so-called conservative press. Further accomplices in her murder are many (not all) of the so-called 'border groups' - the ones that talk big and make a lot of stink, publicly, about the illegal alien invasion from Mexico. But, when it counts, they refuse to work together.

Listed under the column of "further mentioned" in the Death of America are the so-called American people. Supposedly, they are "opposed to amnesty" - supposedly to the tune of eighty percent of the population. But when it comes to awareness - hopefully followed by remedial action - of the single, biggest, open, unconcealed, most obvious threat to America, the very threat that is the root cause of the so-called "immigration crisis" they say "Oh, really? Well, isn't that a shame" - and they leave it at that.

What is that threat?

That threat is a knife,. It is being wielded by George Bush, their "conservative, "freedom-loving" president. He is pointing it at America's heart. He is lunging forward in his effort at plunging it deep, deep inside her heart. The knife's tip has already penetrated the skin, and is about to tear into the muscle that pumps the lifeblood into the veins of ordered Liberty.

That knife has a name. The name has an acronym, and that acronym is "SPP." It stands for something that sounds absolutely wonderful. It stands for the benign-sounding phrase "Security and Prosperity Partnership" of North America. The web site address of this knife is

You can read all about it in only two major publications: In WorldNetDaily and in Human Events.

And that's about it.

The rest of the "conservative" press has remained dead-silent for a week, at least, since these revelations were made public, at the time of writing of this article.

Where is the outcry? Where is the conservative press that so effectively ganged up on the United States president and even made the liberal press follow suit when his name was - Bill Clinton?

Where are they now?

The only comparison between what this current president is doing to a free America under the Constitution our founders gave us, the only thing that truly reflects the essence of what is going on, requires you to visit Michael Savage's web site. / 2 Go down to the link that leads to the videos of the beheading of American Nick Berg - and watch them!

I don't even allow my grown-up children to watch them. I know their souls will be scarred forever. But I want you to watch them. I guarantee that you will have nightmares - for weeks to come. But those nightmares are nothing compared to what awaits you if George Bush and his friends at the CFR succeed at plunging their knife deep, deep, into the heart of America.

America is lying there - just as prostrate as Nick Berg is lying down in that video after he was thrown on his side, his hands tied behind his back, while his hooded assassin begins to methodically saw off his head at the neck, with ahunting knife,as the dark-red blood gushes from his jugular, covering the floor, his face turning to a waxen mask as his life ebbs away within seconds.

Am I too crass?

America is Nick Berg. The ties around America's wrists are made up of the missing pages, of the unused bandwidth, of the screaming void in cyberspace, the void that was created by a conservative press that refused to publish the story - and by a lethargic American public that failed to demand it.

Tom Tancredo in Congress is the lone voice in the political wilderness, screaming for answers no one is willing to give. (Again: no major publication reports that story, either, other than!) There is no echo from the Senate - just the muffled silence of screams from the other side of a padded cell wall.

Liberty - the very soul of America, both as an idea and as a great nation, the greatest nation ever to grace this earth (not because of its "might" but because of its Liberty!) is locked up in a comfortable, padded cell inside the insane asylum that this world has become.

Liberty has all the amenities it could ask for. It has Cable TV. It has video games. It has porn on demand. It has access to even "uncomfortable" information on the Internet. It has lip service from public officials, elected as well as appointed. Movies are being made about her, showing her both while she's on the march - and in ignominious decline. Liberty even has a statute in New York harbor. Countless businesses are named after her. She has a currency named after her. As a word, she is much in demand to this very day, especially during political campaigns by parties from both sides of the aisle.

But Liberty is dying.

Just a little twitch of the body of America, maybe just as much as a wince from the pain of the stabbing knife as it penetrates the outer layers of its skin could deflect the knife's path, could make it miss its intended target - and turn the entire assault into a mere flesh wound!

But, Liberty is numb from its extended exposure to the comforts of modern-day American life. During her public school career, she has been on Prozac and other anti-depressants. She does not dare to rip the insidious IV out of her veins as she stares, mesmerized, at her various TV screens blaring of foreign "threats" such as "Saddam Hussein", the "insurgency in Iraq", the "nuclear missiles of North Korea", or China's meteoric rise in the world economy (courtesy, by the way, of several US administrations in a row, which supported CFR-induced chimeras of "globalism" and "free trade").

Go to your nearest movie rental place and check out a movie called "The Green Dragon." It's about the fall of Saigon - the end of freedom in Vietnam.

Two little Vietnamese refugee kids make it to America, and the boy befriends a black cook who shows him how to express his love for freedom in a mural he is secretly painting on the wall of the cafeteria behind a large curtain.

Toward the end of the movie, there is a scene that shows the daily hustle and bustle of Vietnamese refugees in the camp going through their lives. Suddenly, the voice of a radio announcer is heard over the camp's intercom system, reporting that Saigon fell to the Communist army of the Vietcong.

Upon hearing this, an old Vietnamese woman breaks down in the middle of the square, sobbing, pleading, her hands stretched out to heaven as she cries out from the center of her soul, mourning the loss of her beloved country.

I don't want to cry like that.

I don't want you to have to cry out like that!

Once America, the country that once stood for real freedom and individual Liberty is gone - she will be gone forever. Do you think you can get her back if you don't even fight for her now?

Liberty does not reside in the US Constitution. She does not reside in the minds of the justices of the united states supreme court. She literally flees from the minds of most of those who make it to Washington's halls of power and influence. By the time they get there, they are hopelessly corrupted.

If she resides anywhere at all, it resides - in your heart!!

Whether or not it survives there is up to you - entirely.

If not in your heart - in whose? If not in your mind - in whose? If not in this country, in what other country? Under what regime? Under what economic system?

If Liberty still as much as twitches in your heart - you have a personal responsibility before yourself, before your family, before your country, and before your God - to give it air.

To let it breathe.

To make it exercise.

To let it inform the manner in which you live your life.

If you don't, this country is already dead.

If you don't, freedom was never more than an illusion in some deranged, aberrant, maladjusted human's mind.

If you don't, Liberty, as the political reality that it once was and still is in this very country, will die.

She will gurgle like Nick Berg's throat when the Muslim demon's knife, sawing away at it, penetrated through his wind pipe - and it will simply, quietly, with nary a whimper, just ...

... expire.

It's up to you, my friend.


(If you care about this country and about the freedom it still provides to us, at all, print this out, mail it to your local newspaper, to your favorite online forum, to all your friends and relatives and co-workers, to your pastor, to your Congressman, your Senator, to the White House - regardless of who is in it, to the world press, to your mayor, to your local party precinct chairman, your State Senator and Representative, to your friends and enemies alike. FORCE them to acknowledge the reality the current white house is already, blatantly, advertising as an "achievement." Keep mailing it, e-mailing it, AIM-ing it to everyone you know and to people you don't even know. Print it out. Pass it out like a hand bill. DEMAND that your representatives respond. Don't back down! Do not get tired! FIGHT!! Freedom is never free. The only thing remotely "free" in life (i.e., what comes without effort) is slavery. You will fall into it if you do ... nothing.) Are you afraid that this is too blunt? Afraid someone will come knocking on your door because you are spreading this everywhere? If you are, then you are complicit in Liberty's death. I'm from Germany. I know what happens to countries and their people when nobody speaks up. I am willing to die - if necessary - for helping America as a nation under God and under a Constitution like ours to survive. Freedom is not free. It never was - and never will be. If mealy-mouthed Senators or House reps like McCain and Kolbe, and many others like them aren't removed from the Senate this fall, we will all pay for it, big time. Arizona: You need to get active!

God Bless America! Alex Wallenwein


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Alex Wallenwein has a JD (Juris Doctor) degree from South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas, and a BA in Economics from Florida Atlantic University. He is a self-styled "souvereignty activist" and publishes the "Euro vs Dollar Gold Monitor", a popular precious metals investment newsletter

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