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Fair Wages A Moral Issue--BUT for Immigrants ALSO

SCRUBS Cast and Writers Picket Together

(From Left to Right) Ken Jenkins ("Dr. Kelso"), Zach Braff ("J.D." and WGA
member), Bill Lawrence (creator, executive producer) and Sarah Chalke
("Elliot") of SCRUBS. 12 comments

Some Clarifications and a Gentler Appeal to the Scabs

Some things you should know:

1. This blog  [  ]
is a loosely-run, grass-roots effort created by strike captains. We do our best to tap the resources of the WGA, but they are kinda busy right now. Go figure. The opinions expressed herein are those of the individual writer or, in the case of what I'll call "The Google Gambit," those of a writer who contacted the admins and bribed us with a doughnut he got from by Jay Leno.

2. My friend Mike Schur, the guy who came up with the strike's best catchphrase thus far (The Internet! For which we get zero dollars!) is crediting me with coming up with Steve Carell's "enlarged balls." But in fact, that account was sent to me by a source who attended a Guild debrief meeting and added that we wished Carell "a slow recovery." I can not take credit for this line which has now become America's favorite urban legend.

3. In just eleven days, we have attracted some amazing readers. I've been humbled by the response to this blog. The other admins and I can't keep up with the emails you're sending. But scanning the subject lines as they pour in, it's clear that there are thousands of you who aren't content just to read about the strike, you want to DO something about it. "Where can we send our Tabasco and peanuts?" you plead. Soon, we'll be telling you about ways you can help bring this mess to a conclusion. But there's one simple thing you can do right now: Tell people about what is going on! Talk about it, blog about it, get the word out. Send your friends to this site. Invite some folks to come down and picket with us. Stay informed and spread the word.

4. Talking about scabs really pushes people's buttons. In the comments of that post, I have restated my position on scabs without any bizarre metaphors or juvenile nicknames to detract from the seriousness of the issue. Sorry to ruffle your feathers, Scabworth! (Couldn't resist.)


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