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AntiConcept the-Term-God is-ARTIFICIAL and-A-Meme

Hello: there IS substantive data here, moreso than jargon that someone cannot re-define, but 210 results is quite a narrow response from this google search:

AntiConcept ? the Term "God" is ARTIFICIAL & A Meme / STOP LOSING!! //lookie here
" Rand defines the anti-concept as an "artificial, unnecessary, and (rationally) un- usable term, designed to replace and obliterate some legitimate concept .. without public discussion; and, as a means to that end, to make public discussion unintelligible, and to induce the same disintegration in the mind of any man who accepts it, rendering him incapable of clear thinking or rational judgment." A legitimate concept is a term that distinguishes the essential characteristics of the thing it refers to from everything else. The anti-concept sounds like a legitimate concept, but the reason is it unusable is that it is really a term with a definition by nonessentials.
// Okay ==> So its like a MEME, which defies all attempts at analysis; or a FRAME which Guarantees a failure of rebuke, get it!? that's just one example of why I call this site "Atheists Connected TO LOSING", BUT Respectfully, Though! ...from your Comrade! , 2Bor^2B

In her essay, "Causality Versus Duty," Rand analyzes one such
"anti-concept." She identifies ''duty" as "one of the most destructive
anti-concepts in the history of moral philosophy."This anti-concept,
according to Rand, has profound implications for metaphysics,
epistemology and psychology. The notion of "duty" destroys
legitimate concepts of morality. It sanctions obedience to authority
and in the process, it subverts reason, values, and self-esteem. A
man who obeys a higher (mystical or secular) authority supersedes
his own knowledge and judgment.
He severs the link between
values and choice and cripples his own ability for self-directed
moral action
. Rand mites that 'Vd.ut destroys a man's self-esteem;
"it leaves no self to be esteemed."
Thus, Rand views obedience and authority as two sides of the
same psycho-epistemological coin. Obedience is based upon the
passivity of anti-conceptual tlainldng. This is the essence of Rand's
notion of the "sanction of the victim." Likewise, Rand argues that
the use and manipulation of various "anti-concepts'$ provide those
in power with a means of legitimating their authority
. .../...
Fundamentally, Rand views the systemic irrationality of coerscive
statism as an outgrowth of the anti-conceptual mentality. But
this is not a simple matter of one-way causation.

R a b s perspective
suggests that statism and anti-conceptualiism are organically con-
joined, that is, the relationship between statism and the anti-con-
ceptual mentality is reciprocal and mutually reinforcing Statism
thrives on anti-conceptual thinking to sustain itself, while the
anti-conceptual mentality make!; statism inevitable

From the outstanding site:

--- In, Giacomo wrote:
>> Like that priest that once told me to read the bible and learn my errors.>
> G.
> On 17/05/07, Jonathan A. Nelson wrote:
> > Read Rand and learn your errors. Until you do, I won't consider further
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