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It ain't PENTA-LAWN!

Wow!  Did you see reports of that untidy business jet crash in New Jersey on Feb. 2nd '05?


Teterboro airport had instant press and, luckily, lots of nosy photographers taking shots of what seems to be a real life plane crash. Not like the weird but sanitary 'object' that slammed into the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001. Thanks to the Penta-Lawn, the fortress of American armed might had an ultra clean landscape.

The Teterboro crash was typically untidy!

Look! A hole in the brick wall -- and it's bigger than the fusalage!!!
All about the scene were
  • bashed in brick wall where the wings hit
  • big round hole in the building, bigger than the plane body
  • nearby cars damaged
  • sheared off wings remained on the site
  • the plane body and tail remained intact
  • a tree near the wreck was burned
  • the gate on the way to the place the plane stopped was crashed through
  • the lawn on the way to the place the plane stopped had deep skid marks gashed in it
  • the snow, grass, asphalt and everything nearby disturbed (to say the least) and some of it burnt

Be your own detective!

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l   l   l   l   l   l

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photo of plane in the wall - by Shannon Stapleton for The New York Times
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